Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Maher opens mouth, inserts foot...again

Bill Maher has made another stab at career suicide.

The Bush-bashing comic stunned some of Hollywood's most powerful liberals by joking about Bill Clinton's sexual indiscretions at a benefit honoring Sen. Hillary Clinton.

New York's junior senator was accepting an Oceana Partners award in Los Angeles last week for her work on environmental issues. Maher emceed the event, which also honored marine explorer Jean-Michel Cousteau, as well as Ron Howard and his Imagine partner, Brian Glazer.

Among the unamused in the audience were Oceana board member Ted Danson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kiefer Sutherland, Kirsten Dunst, Norman Lear and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

"Maher began bringing up Bill Clinton's (indiscretions) - with Hillary sitting right there in front of him eating her chicken," says a witness. "It was just cruel. Ted Danson's wife, Mary Steenburgen, is a longtime friend of the senator's. I can't believe they approved of this."

ABC canceled Maher's show, Politically Incorrect, after controversial remarks about the 9-11 terrorists. He now has a show on HBO.

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