Thursday, December 11, 2003

Young critics get a kick from 'Charlie Brown'

High School Entertainers

Charlie Brown can never quite make that kite fly or catch the attention of that cute little red-headed girl, but that doesn't keep him from trying. Anderson High School recently embraced the story of a perpetual loser and performed a heart-warming rendition of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown. The cast filled the theater with bubbly, childlike energy. The most entertaining number was when the full company sang and danced in the song "Suppertime," which included tap-dancing and a mock gospel choir.

Based on the famous comic characters, the production features Charlie (Adam Reifsnyder)and his many acquaintances, including his little sister Sally (Kiri Crawford), neighborhood know-it-all Lucy (Corrie Adams) and Lucy's little brother Linus (Michael Dauterman).

The comedic team of Snoopy (Bryan Young) and Woodstock (Erin McCamley) shared great chemistry and timing. Although McCamley never spoke a line, her facial expressions and movement clearly communicated her role. Young showcased impressive vocal talent as well as strong dancing ability.

The roles of Charlie, Lucy, Linus and Sally were all strongly portrayed. Crawford had amazing stage presence as Sally and made the most of every joke she had.Jessica Reber,

Ursuline Academy


Adam Reifsnyder showed Charlie Brown's insecure and humble nature with exuberant character development that he kept alive through the show from beginning to end.

Will Burress, Mason High School

The simplicity and larger-than-life set and props, created by Maureen Sigmund, reinforced the child's point of view.

Ann Royse, St. Ursula Academy

The heart and sparkle of the show lay within the cast as a whole. The ensemble members may not have had individual lines; but their unique, well-developed characters showed through the songs and dances. It was all backed by an amazing energy.

Darcy Zacharias, Ursuline Academy

As Sally, Kiri Crawford left the audience reeling with laughter. She took on the subtle personality aspects of Sally and every innocent or obnoxious line was delivered expertly. One of the things that made her Sally such a success was the dimension used in her voice. By not always using an intolerable tone, Crawford was able to make Sally a very likeable character.

Brooke Rucidlo, Turpin High School

As Snoopy, Bryan Young was an audience favorite for his performance of "Suppertime," a lighthearted number about the joys of a dog's dinner. A fabulous dancer, he created a multidimensional character out of Snoopy.

Yvonne Nealis, Turpin High School

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