Sunday, January 4, 2004

Hot Corner: Nipping at the heels of the newsmakers

Pitching a fit: Obviously Bengals (we hope soon-to-be-former) running back Corey Dillon wasn't paying attention to all those warnings he must have gotten when he was a kid.

You know, the ones where Mom warned, "Don't do this or that, son, you'll put your eye out."

Otherwise, how else can he explain his actions after last Sunday's loss to the Cleveland Browns? It hadn't been a good season for Corey. At one point, it was as if he pitched an infantile temper tantrum. "Trade me," he demanded.

So perhaps it was fitting that in what he says was his last appearance at Paul Brown Stadium as a Bengal, he threw away his toys and went home. Into the stands flew his helmet, his cleats, his shoulder pads, etc.

Didn't he realize he could have put somebody's eye out?

Happy new worm: The year has barely started, and already there's a nasty new bug in town.

A sly computer worm called PE_QUIS.A, reports CNET Networks, is spread through Microsoft's Outlook e-mail program.

As worms go, it has its charms: It overwrites all cell-phone ring-tone files it finds with the song "Jingle Bells."

But it also has an especially sadistic feature: It forces victims to answer a trivia quiz ("Which keyboard layout is used in Belgium?") to find out how to disinfect their computers.

Hey, now there's a way to improve education. Make kids take a test before they can reboot and play games.

Call it No PC Left Behind.

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