Saturday, January 10, 2004

Letters to the editor

Plane scare was blown out of proportion

I would like to comment on the overexposure of the Flight 43 incident ("Flight here trips terror alarm," Jan. 7). I understand that we are on a high terror alert, but suspecting a woman with wires for a heated coat is a bit ridiculous. The exaggerated panic over the flight made everyone in Cincinnati think terrorists were coming here. So much suspicion was not needed for such a small thing.

Whitney Bonapfel, Colerain Township

Possible emergency is no time to gawk

Kudos to all the emergency responders who took part in the homeland security drills last year. Sadly, they probably weren't prepared for what apparently will be their biggest obstacle in actual emergencies - rock-head gawkers. Every local network showed footage of throngs of people swarming the airport to get a look at Delta Flight 43 and the jet fighters.

Hey, Sparky! Do you know why the fighters were following the plane? Because there may have been a bomb on board, which, if detonated, could have showered you all with flaming shrapnel. That would have made for some really cool home videos, huh? But then again, it would have been a valuable lesson in what not to do for the rest of us, I guess.

Lori Wasson, Mason

Article on jacket gets cool reception

Regarding the article "This jacket could get really hot" (Jan. 8): I understand that the jacket is new and that there was a terror scare. The article itself was dumb. No one cares about a jacket that has heating elements and how much it made in the last year.

Amber Proctor, Colerain Township

Why pay for anti-violence sermons?

In regard to the "Black-on-black crime initiative" proposed in council chambers, I have to question why our "fabulous four" council members think the city needs money to enlist preachers to preach against violence. This seems like something most preachers and reverends would do without requiring monetary compensation. Also, what evidence is there to suggest that this black-on-black violence is gang-related?

Herbert G. Witte, Price Hill

Get existing initiatives working first

The last thing needed from so-called leaders, particularly those with children who have lengthy criminal histories and bad follow-up track records, is more talk and poor planning in response to homicides affecting mostly black men. Where is the Peace Down the Way Coalition, the proposed "Witness Protection Program," or the C.A.N. Commission?There has been plenty of talking without little planning or action. Apparently, little has changed since former assistant police chief Ron Twitty admitted he has no plan for his initiative, and Mayor Charlie Luken stated he has intentions on starting yet another initiative without seeing any results from the first.

Joy Rolland, Northside

Bengals not worth ticket price boost

Wow, what creative wording that you used when describing the ticket price increase ("Bengals raise ticket prices," Jan. 7). Mike Brown couldn't have written it better himself. "For the first time since 2002" - amazing, there hasn't been an increase since all the way back to 2002. The Bengals have been the worst franchise over the last decade, so their prices should be in the lower half of the league. My $54 season tickets went to $60. I call that an 11 percent increase. Sure, this year was great and there is a lot of hope, but reality says they were still only an 8-8 team. I'd hate to see what prices will do if they become a playoff team.

John Cravaack, West Chester Township

Bush wrong to want to help aliens

President Bush is wrong. We do not have the resources to support U.S. residents ("Alien work plan controversial," Jan. 8). Now he wants to make illegal aliens eligible for Social Security? I suppose that we taxpayers will have to pay widows' benefits and SSI to their families. We need to reject this policy. We need to change what is required to become an American. In Europe the children of illegal aliens are given resident status but not citizenship.

Lastly, we need to get rid of Bush. He is making two classes of Americans, the rich and the poor. He is in the pocket of big business and has sold out. Meanwhile, those of us willing to say something have to worry about the thought police.

Mark Saul, Mount Auburn

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