Sunday, January 11, 2004

Letters to the editor

Thanks to servants who help keep us safe

Peter Bronson's column "Visions of sugar plums? Not exactly" (Jan. 8) pays tribute to all police, firefighters and public service workers who sacrificed their holiday for public safety so the American people could enjoy their celebrations. These hard workers and those who must travel by air are in my prayers. Bronson is correct in that we live in a world where we must be prepared for catastrophes, although the threats have been made still worse by an unnecessary war. We Americans are tough and will survive the sorry excuse for leadership in Washington.

Elizabeth Paquette, Cherry Grove


Current president is a big liar, too

The Jan. 8 Tempo feature "Lies, liars, and why they tell them" left a major liar out. The article pictured three former presidents (George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon), along with Pinocchio and Tonya Harding.

Conspicuously absent was George W. Bush. Surely his lying us into war (there are no weapons of mass destruction, no eminent threat to the United States and no link to al-Qaida or 9-11) qualifies him on your lie-o-meter as between whopper and bald-faced lie. Gee, Dubya's lies are more serious than the lies of the five pictured, because his lies have cost the precious lives of almost 500 of our military.

Kipling was right: "If any question why we died, tell them because our fathers lied."

Paul Ashworth, Delhi Township


Many deserve concealed-carry credit

In regards to the passage of House Bill 12, Ohio's concealed-carry law ("Concealed carry bill approved," Jan. 8): Congratulations and thank you to the National Rifle Association, Ohioans for concealed carry, the various sheriffs departments and the police departments throughout the state, and all other groups and individuals who fought so long and hard for the passage of this bill.

Freedom-loving people of Ohio finally won out, and the entire population will benefit by the passage of this bill. Thomas Jefferson said, "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes."

Gerald J. Wheeler, Mount Washington


Think of all places you can't take guns

So now the state government is going to vote in the concealed weapon law ("Concealed carry bill approved," Jan. 8). However, doesn't it seem peculiar that those carrying a weapon cannot bring it in a room where all the lawmakers gather? We should ask why not. If they feel it puts them in danger, which it does, of course, then is it not dangerous for these guns to be brought in to our neighborhoods?

Also, can a teacher take their concealed weapon to school? Can you carry one into a courtroom or a police station? Can I carry one to the airport? Perhaps all those with a weapon will be able to do is strap it on and look out the window.

Jim Baker, West Chester Township


More Web sites help teach about sex

Having two sons age 10 and 12; I found it hugely refreshing to read Dr. Ted Mitchell's suggestions about "the talk" in USA Weekend ("The birds and the bees," Jan. 4). He rightly holds parents responsible for forming their children's morals and promoting healthy behaviors. Unfortunately, his conclusion partly contradicted this sensible message, since two of the recommended Web sites (SIECUS, Planned Parenthood) defend adolescent sex and oppose parental notification.

Here are three other sites where parents can find helpful statistics and useful ideas about promoting health and developing emotional maturity in our kids:

• Sex Respect - www.sexrespect.com; (877) 6RESPECT.

• Teen Aid - www.teen-aid.org; (800) 357-2868.

• Northwest Family Services - www.facts.cc; (800) 939-6937.

Rebecca Slater, Wilder


Don't blame Dillon for Bengals finish

I'm responding to the letter "Dillon didn't deserve ill treatment" (Jan. 6). Dillon wasn't ill treated in any way; he sat because he was coming off injury and was not producing as he was expected to. Dillon is a talented running back, but he didn't have a good year. He had only one 100-yard rushing game, and that was against the 4-12 Chargers. And to say Dillon was the reason we did not make the playoffs is ludicrous. Dillon didn't decide how many points the defense gave up, how many interceptions were thrown or whether or not the Bengals made playoffs.

Andrew Sohn, Colerain Township

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