Sunday, January 18, 2004

Letters to the editor

Bush immigration plan would create two tiers

The president's proposed immigration legislation is billed as an opportunity for immigrants in the United States illegally. It is really an opportunity for U.S. businesses, whether Kentucky tobacco farms or California factories or Washington, D.C., hotels, to hire workers willing to work for low wages, few benefits and no promise of a stable future.

Read the president's proposal. It is limited to creating a potentially huge new guest worker program for immigrant workers who will have no meaningful access to permanent visas or a path to citizenship for those working, paying taxes and raising their families in the United States. Immigrants would be asked to sign up for what is surely second-class status in the American work force, which could lead to their removal when their status expires or is terminated.

The United States has historically been a land of equal opportunity. A two-tiered labor system is anathema to democracy. It hasn't worked in Germany, Italy or the rest of Europe. It will lead to a weaker, not a stronger, America.

Nancy Sullivan, Fort Thomas


Help others; don't scoff at slippers

In regard to the letter "Oh, Lord, what amazing slippers" (Jan. 15), current conversation contrasts church wealth to too many desperate lives. Such observations distract from the real value of the objects discussed.

Look at the value of goods and services developed and distributed by our country in two centuries. Yet, it appears the more we give, the greater the need.

A day of attention by a caring human would bring real comfort to the needy more than selling a beautiful work of art ever could. The poor caregiver is then able to renew and energize by contemplating God's love for us by viewing his hand in such lovely works. Those who would have us sell art to care for the poor would make us all poorer in the soul, and they would have Michelangelo painting barns.

David Agee, Crestview Hills


Lawmakers have their own benefits

Why should our legislators enjoy the best health benefits and retirements while they cut ours? Did you know they get their last year's pay until they die, they are not part of Social Security, and they do not pay into the system that we must? The system is broken and needs to be fixed.

We allow them to distract us with petty issues that are blown out of proportion in order to keep us from focusing on the disparities. We are called upon to sacrifice, while they live like royalty. Government service was originally a service to the country and a sacrifice for the betterment of all. We need to return to that concept, instead of letting our elected officials be members of an exclusive country club.

Mark Saul, Mount Auburn


Votes must be on paper to be official

Several Ohio counties are leaning toward adopting touch-screen voting machines. I urge everyone involved to rethink this position. The most important thing we as Americans do is vote. Without voting, we are simply not a democracy. The only way elections can be guaranteed secure and accurate is if every vote is submitted in hard copy.

Acquisition and collation of votes using only digital methods is the least tamperproof and most error-prone of any method. This is not to say that computers cannot be used, but a printout must be given for each voter and verified by that voter. The printout also must be the official ballot, not the digital data. This would expedite the process and provide a verifiable method of auditing each election.

Paul Kammermeier, Kent, Ohio


Lying for personal gain is worst kind

Whatever happened to letting your yes mean yes and your no mean no? Has lying become an acceptable response in today's society? I have a hard time believing that deception and integrity can coexist. But when someone wants something so badly, be it induction into the Hall of Fame, a winning lottery ticket, or even the opportunity to face President Bush in November, it seems people sometimes lie. What's the common denominator? Sadly, in each of these scenarios, dishonesty and deception not only cover up the truth, but they also seem to hide an individual's own, self-serving agenda.

Ann R. Albin, Loveland


Return 'Boondocks' humor, diversity

Please reconsider your decision to stop running "The Boondocks." One of the reasons I pick up the Enquirer from the newsstand is because I need my "Boondocks" fix. I enjoy its topical humor. The comics pages need that diversity.

John B. Lawton III, Dublin, Ohio

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