Sunday, January 25, 2004

Reactions to President Bush's State of the Union speech

Bush must promote renewable energy

President Bush declared in his State of the Union address that we need to "make America less dependent on foreign sources of energy." I could not agree more. Reducing our dependence on foreign oil will not only help to conserve our American natural resources, but will help to dissolve our dangerous political ties with countries in the Middle East that harbor terrorists.

Yet each year, the Bush administration has refused to support raising the fuel efficiency standards of cars and trucks in this country. It has proposed an energy bill that dumps huge subsidies on oil and gas companies with major interests in the Middle East, while granting hardly any money to support the development of affordable renewable energies such as wind power. And each year it has fought against American public opinion to try to sacrifice the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil companies. Even the oil industry has commonly agreed that the refuge contains only a six-month supply of oil that won't be available for at least 10 years.

True energy independence for America will be achieved only by promoting affordable renewable energy sources, raising the fuel efficiency of our cars and trucks, and having the foresight not to sacrifice our last great wildlands to short-term corporate profits.

Grant Tefft,West Chester


Speech misleads on war in Afghanistan

In his speech, President Bush continued to mislead Americans about the war. In Afghanistan, where the real war on terrorism is still being fought, the schools, once open, are closing over security concerns; women are again wearing the veil; aid workers continue to leave because of the increasing violence; warlords, not the government, control most of the land; and poppy production is skyrocketing. Just as his father betrayed the Kurds and Shiites of Iraq by calling on them to rebel and then not supporting their rebellion, George W. Bush is betraying the Afghanis by failing to live up to the commitment he made to rebuild that country.

Charles Beam, Greenhills


Why was same-sex marriage an issue?

President Bush focused on same-sex marriage during his State of the Union Speech. Why was that an issue? That's nobody's business. He was forced to use gay marriage as an issue to deflect attention from the war in Iraq that justifiably needed to be done.

I've been made to feel inferior my whole life because I am gay. I've been gay-bashed and beaten, slurred and it still goes on at age 35. The president really made me feel bad about myself. I was looking for a leader. Bush obviously is not. His administration probably wants me back in the closet. My life is just as valuable as the president's.

I'm a proud, gay man who is not everything that people want me to be, but I am doing the best I can, and I want the president to represent me.

John T. Freie Jr., Green Township


C'mon, Hillary, show some respect


Aretha Franklin wants it. Your elders deserve it. Kings and queens and all governmental authorities are granted it. So why did Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton seem to keep rolling her eyes and clap robotically on cue Monday night? Guess she doesn't believe in respect for all people ... which is kind of scary for a would-be candidate.

Ann R. Albin,Loveland


Not just athletes get doses of steroids

During the speech, the president made the statement that we must stop athletes from using steroids. Doesn't the Department of Agriculture approve the feeding of steroids and other growth hormones to the beef, pork and chickens we eat every day? Does anyone wonder about the long-term effect is of these chemicals on human beings?

Don Edwards, Norwood

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