Sunday, January 25, 2004

Letters to the editor

Jackson's circus is a media creation

The media blamed Michael Jackson for the circus that surrounded his appearance in court Jan. 16. They are the ones that provided the platform and set up camp in the area to cover him. Most TV stations showed his arrival at and exit from the courthouse. Cable television devoted a lot of programming hours to this occasion, and he took advantage of it. We expected entertainment and we got it, but that was not all. Later that evening, analyses, opinions and conjectures by so-called experts (prosecutors, ex-prosecutors, defense attorneys and journalists of all stripes) revisited the media circus.

The media and some unscrupulous so-called journalists have even changed his name to Jacko and then expect something less than entertainment from him. What if he had walked into court like a lamb to the slaughter? I bet the so-called experts and the pundits would still have had something to say about that also.

Alan Attuquayefio,Fairfield


Brother's murder showed her truth

I am 18 years old and the sister of Jeremy Long, who was murdered in July 2001.

Why do some young black males think it's OK to use a gun to end someone's life for their own personal reasons? Could it be they think it's better to use their guns instead of their brains to walk away or solve a situation?

The truth is this whole issue we face today is ignorance, senseless and segregating our race. So why can't we get wise and work as a whole to put the pieces of our community back together?

Jessica LongAvondale


Kentucky SB 1 reforms malpractice

The Kentucky Senate passed Senate Bill 1, and it has been sent to the House. I hope the House responds with the same support. This is a simple bill that permits the Kentucky Legislature to deal with reforming our current malpractice system.

Most states have had this opportunity, and many have responded with positive reforms. But in Kentucky, our Constitution prohibits the Legislature from enacting the same reforms that have been in place for many years in other states. Senate Bill 1 places this question on the ballot. It allows us to decide whether to amend our constitution to allow our elected representatives to deal with this issue.

Many are fighting this bill by attacking the reforms already enacted in other states. But the bill does not enact any of these reforms. It simply allows you to decide to whether to amend the constitutions to allow reforms. This would seem to be a simple decision.

Dr. James P. Farrell, Edgewood


Legalize gaming to help Ohio budget

Why not legalize and tax gambling to help solve Ohio's budget problems and start an education program to save the dropout kids? Money from Ohioans now is going to gambling in Indiana. Let's keep Ohio money in Ohio.

Ramon T. Ressa, Eastgate


Leis sends the right message

I read the comments of Sheriff Simon Leis in the Jan. 21 Enquirer ("Leis lashes permissiveness"). Thank God we still have people like Leis in government today.

Marvin N. Kolstein, Amberley Village


Eat less and lose weight

We have gone through diet after diet for the last 40 years, and we are still fat. The grapefruit diet said we could eat whatever we wanted as long as we ate grapefruit. With the vinegar diet, we took a little slug of that before eating - the theory being that it would make us so sick that we wouldn't want food.

I have found the secret to be simple basic math. If we consume 1,000 calories and we burn 2,000, we lose. If we reverse that, we gain.

Richard "Bulge" Huntley, Mount Lookout

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