Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Adorable taco tartlets lighten up game day

Recipe rehab

Taking an appetizer to Sunday's Super Bowl Party? We have a great recipe for you to try. Taco Tartlets have a crust made of ground beef flavored with taco seasoning. It's filled with a mixture of sour cream, taco sauce, black olives and crushed taco chips, and sprinkled with shredded sharp cheddar. They're as cute as they are tasty, but each small tartlet contains 5 grams of fat.

For this recipe, we:

• Used 93 percent lean ground beef.

• Used light sour cream.

• Replaced the taco chips (Doritos) with baked taco chips (Baked Doritos).

• Replaced the sharp cheddar with 2 percent sharp cheddar.

This rehab was a real hit with our taste testers. The appearance and texture of the tartlets were dead-on. The spicy flavor of the rehab was more intense than the original and the unanimous favorite of the testers.

Reduced to only 2 grams of fat, these Taco Tartlets may be the real winners at Sunday's Super Bowl celebration.

Tip of the Week: These tartlets are great for parties because they can be made ahead and frozen until serving.

Taco Tartlets

1 pound lean (93 percent or better) ground beef

1 package (1.25 ounce) taco seasoning mix

2 tablespoons ice water

1 cup light sour cream

1/4 cup taco sauce

1 can (2.25 ounce) sliced black olives, drained

3/4 cup (3 ounces) crushed Baked Doritos

1/2 cup shredded low fat (5-6 grams per ounce) sharp cheddar cheese

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In medium bowl, combine beef, seasoning mix and water. Press slightly rounded teaspoonful of meat mixture into bottom and sides of miniature muffin cups, forming shell.

In medium bowl, mix sour cream, taco sauce, olives and crushed chips. Fill shells with sour cream mixture. Sprinkle each tart with cheese. Bake at 375 degrees 10 minutes. Remove tarts from pan and drain on paper towels. Makes 38 to 40 tartlets.

Before and after

Based on 1 tartlet ( 1/39th of recipe)

Taco Tartlets Adapted
Fat5 g2 g
Carbohydrate3 g3 g
Sodium121 mg132 mg
Fiber2 g2 g
Cholesterol13 mg10 mg
Calories from fat
Nutritionists recommend those on daily 2,000 calorie diet limit their fat consumption to 65 g or less, cholesterol to 300 mg or less and sodium to 2,400 mg or less per day.

Karen Weber, Pat Streicher and Ellen Illig are registered dieticians at Jewish Hospital's Cholesterol Center. Send recipes to: Recipe Rehab, The Jewish Hospital Cholesterol Center, 3200 Burnet Ave., Cincinnati 45229.

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