Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Taste Team's rankings

The Taste Team rated the following chicken wings on a 1-10 scale (1=worst; 10=best) considering size, appearance, flavor and overall impression. Frozen, refrigerated and homemade wings were baked the day before the test and reheated in a low oven before serving. Takeout and delivery wings were purchased the day of the test and reheated before serving. Wings were ordered "medium-hot." Unless otherwise noted, cost given is "per wing" for large serving.

1. Domino's Pizza (delivered)

Average score: 7

Cost: 59 cents

Comments: A little sweet, a little smoky. Meaty and tender. On the hot side.

2. Banquet "Jumbo Buffalo" (frozen, reheated)

Average score: 6.9

Cost: 38 cents

Comments: Huge and meaty. Very hot. Great flavor.

(Tie) Tyson "Buffalo-Style" (frozen, reheated)

Average score: 6.9

Cost: 29 cents

Comments: Medium-hot spicy. Not enough sauce. Good flavor.

4. Kroger Deli (Lebanon) "Wings of Fire" (refrigerated, reheated)

Average score: 6.7

Cost: 25 cents

Comments: Wet, juicy and flavorful. Smoky, off the grill. Great sauce flavor.

5. Hooter's "Original" (frozen, reheated)

Average score: 5.3

Cost: 44 cents

Comments: Unpleasant artificial butter flavor. Soggy breading. Greasy.

6. Pizza Hut (takeout)

Average score: 5.1

Cost: 50 cents

Comments: Good texture. On the dry side. Needed more sauce.

7. Buffalo Wings & Rings (takeout)

Average score: 4.9

Cost: 39 cents

Comments: Looked dry. A little chewy. No spicy flavor.

8. Homemade "Oven" Wings

Average score: 4.8

Cost: $1.89 per pound (sauce ingredients not included)

Comments: Meaty, not over-cooked. Too greasy, too white.

9. LaRosa's (delivered)

Average score: 4.6

Cost: 40 cents

Comments: Meaty, tender. Oily. Tastes commercial.

10. TGI Friday's (frozen, reheated)

Average score: 4.5

Cost: 23 cents

Comments: Greasy flavor. Soggy. Not crispy enough.

11. Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar (takeout)

Average score: 3.9

Cost: 40 cents

Comments: Slight burned taste. On the dry side. Looked like they had been previously frozen.

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