Friday, January 30, 2004

Wash options

  Detail Hand Exterior-only, full service conveyor In-bay Self-serve
$10 to $20
$7.95 to $16.95
$1 and up, depending on wash time
Hand wash, wax, polish, vacuuming, carpet cleaning, leather/vinyl treatment, rust proofing, engine cleaning, deodorizing
A thorough inside

and out cleaning

by real live people.

Automatic soft-cloth

wash; interior cleaning, waxing, tire shine, air freshener

Washing, waxing and drying equipment moves around your car.
Coin-operated, high-pressure water gun; foam brush; coin-operated vacuums
Car looks new
Washed by pros.
Quick cleaning without an appointment.
Inexpensive, quick and

no need to get out of

your car.

Cheap, and you can burn calories
It's not cheap, and you usually have to go without your car for a day or so.
Pricier than a basic, automatic wash.
May not get into every nook and cranny.
Doesn't clean the interior
Potential for sloppiness, and might be more exercise than you want.
Local examples
AutoTouch, Auto Works Ltd. Carshine, Camargo Hand Car Wash, Black Tie Detailing, the Detail Shop, Mallaley's Detailing, ProTouch
4-Seasons Hand Car Wash, Calvin's Auto Laundry, Clifton

Car Wash

Car Wash Plus, Johnny's Car Wash, Mike's Car Wash (exterior only), Mr. Car Wash, Ms. Classic Car Wash
Gas stations
Car Wash Inn, Delhi Self-Serve Car Wash, Sharonville Coin-Op

Car washes
Wash options
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