Saturday, January 31, 2004

He said/she said/who knows?

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, those delightful divorcees, ran into each other on the Golden Globes party circuit on Sunday. But what they said is the subject of dispute.

One snitch told London's Daily Mirror that Nic "marched up" to Tom and demanded: "Can you please stop sending me those stupid text messages?"

Cruise was said to "hiss" in reply: "Not here, Nicole!"

Kidman's spokeswoman denies the scene happened. "She doesn't have or use text messaging," her rep tells us. "I don't even think she knows how."

Cruise's rep insists that the meeting was "pleasant talk."

Also getting on famously at the In Style/Warner party were Nicolas Cage and Lisa Ling. Us Weekly reports that, after they chatted for a long while, Cage gave Ling a kiss on the cheek and she gave him her number.

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He said/she said/who knows?

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