Sunday, February 1, 2004

Letters: Wings taste test

Yes, that Domino's: Wings delivered by Domino's - a pizza joint, of all places! - were judged best in a blind test conducted a taste team for The Enquirer. And it was the second such triumph for Domino's in seven years. Our recent story prompted many reader responses.

Wings taste test yields high heat

I would like to believe that in the thriving metropolis of Cincinnati we could come up with a tastier wing than that concocted by a national pizza parlor ("What's hot in wings," Jan. 28). I'm sure that it is very easy to rank the taste, texture and flavor of wings that have been frozen or simply reheated, but are not we searching for the best tasting local wing?

No wonder the team seems to be a latchkey collection of judges, rivaled only by the collection of frozen cap-on limbs that were offered.

At least [Domino's Pizza founder] Tom Monagham will appreciate the vast amount of Buffalo-style wings that his Domino's franchises will be selling and reheating throughout the Tristate.

Ron Novak, White Oak


You blew a great chance for a better, more fun story

The Enquirer, in an effort to reach a younger audience, writes an article comparing chicken wings. It caught my attention enough to want to read on. Then I read on about wings from TGI Fridays, Banquet, Tyson, Domino's, Kroger, etc. Are you serious? Then I find out some wings were reheated - all credibility instantly obliterated. This could have been a really fun article featuring local joints and hangouts.

Maybe you could have had a bracketed tournament, with Westside vs. Eastside, etc. - Wild Mike's vs. Mt. Lookout Tavern. I guess it would have been too much work to actually go to these places and sit down over a couple of days to produce a fun and more provocative look at a topic that is frequently argued over at parties and family get-togethers.

Robert Busch, Madeira


Here's a recommendation for the other side of the river

After reading reporter Chuck Martin's Buffalo wing taste test in the Jan. 28 Enquirer, I realized he missed some of the best in the area. Check out Zola down in MainStrasse Village in Covington.

Ezra Arviv, the owner, is previously of Buffalo Wings and Rings, as is John Taylor. They do wing day on Mondays and have the best blue cheese for wings.

Gregory A. Hoodin, Cherry Grove


Hey, try getting out of conference room

I feel that your findings of the best wings in the area were faulty, your core sample unrepresentative and your procedure unfair. I feel your ratings system and evaluation were based entirely too much on availability to your conference room.

You say in your study that you reheated the wings. No wonder so many wings were given a rating of mushy. Everyone knows that reheating fundamentally kills the batter cooking process. Frying is essential to wings. The pizza companies do not have fryers and must reheat the wings in an oven. Would you ever boil a pizza? Why would you bake a wing?

Does a wing taste the same in my living room as it does in a smoky sports bar? Most likely, but I encourage a setting that rewards richness and complexity.

Kevin Kluender, Hyde Park


Oh, and, uh, by the way ...

Got any leftovers?

Ken Bertsche, Madeira

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