Sunday, February 1, 2004

Letters to the editor

Too risky for school, so time to go sledding?

I recently read the story "Sled hill crashes to a close" (Jan. 27) about the 1,500 sled riders in West Chester Township. It makes me wonder how all those people got their kids to the park on a day when the weather was too treacherous for school buses to run.

Apparently, the route to the park was safer to drive than the route to school.

Robb Bittner, Colerain Township


People are tired of being taxed

When are people finally going to stand up and say, enough is enough? I'm referring to the article, "Three Rivers seeks a new levy" (Jan. 21). The school district wants an unbelievable 12-mils from taxpayers who are already taxed out. And as usual the threat of cuts is the first thing out of their mouth.

The school parent, who stated that she hasn't heard any other parents say they are against it, is wrong. People are tired of being taxed. The government will keep cutting funding to schools, as long as people are willing to pass levies. Instead of giving Iraq $37 billion tax dollars, the federal government should support the failing school system in this country.

Mike Clayton, North Bend


Nothing's wrong with Madeira schools

I can't believe the Madeira School board is going to put bond issue on the March primary election to tear down two schools and build two new schools ("Three Rivers seeks a new levy," Jan. 21).

We passed a bond issue a few years ago to repair the schools, and now they want to tear them down. I urge all Madeira voters to vote no on the school bond issue. There is nothing wrong with our schools. Check your tax bills to see how much you are paying the schools; I am sure a lot of you would be surprised.

Robert Purtee, Madeira


Summit always pays its fair share

In reply to the letter "What does aid to Summit cost Xavier? (Jan. 28) about Summit Country Day's "free" use of Xavier University's facilities: Summit has never, to my knowledge, asked for a handout from anyone, and I'm quite sure that Summit will pay a fair market cost for the space it occupies. In addition, students and faculty will take good care of these areas.

Also, without the kind generosity of some of the families in the Summit community, new facilities like the Cintas Center wouldn't exist on XU's campus.

Like death and taxes, increases in tuition are a sure bet for any college, but Summit not paying its fair share won't be a reason.

Robert Murdock, Anderson Township


Marriage defense act is unnecessary

If the Defense of Marriage Act is signed into law, not only will it demean the sanctity of relationships between countless loving and committed persons, it will send a clear message to young people - especially those discovering themselves to be gay - that their potential adult relationship ideals will be contemptible in the public eye.

The bill may appear well intended by a heterosexist society, but the passage of such unnecessary legislation is an egregious disservice to a community, which seeks to learn and grow from the experiences of all its members - not just the ones who happen to be able to marry in the traditional sense.

Howard Helvey, Winton Place


Ken Blackwell calls GOP to task

In regard to "Blackwell tax drive sets stage for race" (Jan. 26), I am grateful to Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell for issuing a wake-up call to the Ohio Republican Party, which has betrayed its constituents in the past 12 years with undisciplined spending.

Following the lead of the Democrat Party, the Ohio GOP has been pandering to special-interest groups who are seldom satisfied, no matter how much money politicians throw at them. In fact, one of the special-interest groups even figured out a way to use taxpayers' money to sue the taxpayers for more money. I applaud Blackwell for having the guts to publicly call his own party to task, a phenomenon seldom seen in politics.

Gil McLean, Westwood

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