Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Chutney fights off the chill

Gotta Try It

Ready for a trip to the tropics? Let chef Triset DeFonseka take you to her native Sri Lanka. No air fare required. Just taste her fruit chutney, and you'll forget about the ice and snow - at least for a while.

DeFonseka makes the dark brown, jammy chutney at her restaurant, Aralia, in Loveland, using sweet mangoes, chunks of juicy pineapple, dates and tart tamarind. But it's the spicy fresh ginger that stands out, separating this chutney from the wimpy grocery store variety. DeFonseka serves it with curries and her crispy chile-studded coconut bread. It would also foil the richness of roasted pork and liven up turkey and grilled cheddar cheese sandwiches.

Aralia's chutney ($6.95/8 ounces) is available at the restaurant (215 Loveland-Madeira Road) and at Jungle Jim's Market in Fairfield.

Chuck Martin

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