Thursday, February 5, 2004

What you say ... On marriage bill

The Ohio House of Representatives gave final approval Tuesday to a gay marriage bill called the Defense of Marriage Act. It does not recognize same-sex marriages and prevents the unmarried partners of state employees from receiving benefits. Here's what you're saying on the issue:

Thank you, Ohio legislature, for making my travel plans all that much easier. I'm incredibly disappointed, if not shocked, about the soon-to-be passed Defense of Marriage Act. This, combined with Cincinnati's direct exclusion of a same-sex nondiscrimination clause, will only hurt the state.

How does keeping two men or two women who love each other from sharing responsibilities and benefits hurt anyone's marriage?

I moved away from Cincinnati in 1997, and now I'm quite certain I won't be coming back. I hope the people of Cincinnati and Ohio come to their senses and revoke this law once it passes.

Jonathan Kleinow, Brentwood, Mo. (Formerly Anderson Township)

Obviously our legislators are terrified that same-sex marriage will somehow destroy their own sanctified unions. This is a pretty questionable proposition, especially in a nation where half of all "approved" marriages end in divorce. What infuriates me is the meanness of the bill, which goes out of its way to deprive benefits of those not married, a benefit easily obtainable by those who enter into heterosexual marriages. Christian charity, indeed. What a joke.

Deborah Meem, Northside

This is in regards to the letter "Marriage defense act is unnecessary" (Feb. 1). The writer, in commenting on the proposed law, says, "It will send a clear message to young people, especially those discovering themselves to be gay, that their potential adult relationship ideal will be contemptible in the public eye." Exactly. That is a major purpose of the act, a purpose supported by a large majority of adults in Ohio.

Clyde Stauffer, Finneytown

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