Thursday, February 5, 2004

Letters to the editor

Grass isn't greener in our new stadium

The Bengals stadium was positioned improperly to allow enough sunlight for the grass to grow. Now that the Bengals and county have given up on natural grass, I think that an investigation is in order. We were duped into believing that we needed a new stadium with natural grass to help prevent player's injuries. As it turns out we could have kept the old stadium and just replaced the Astroturf with a new improved material. Shame on everyone involved.

Tom Glassco, Amelia

Beyonce had class Jackson lacked

I would like to draw some attention to a positive form of entertainment (besides the game) that happened at the Super Bowl. Beyonce Knowles performed the National Anthem beautifully. She was dressed in a very elegant and appropriate suit. Her hair and make-up were lovely. She is part of the MTV generation and a class act. Explain to me why we aren't talking about Beyonnce instead of Janet Jackson?

Cynthia Morgan, Over-the-Rhine

Investigate Bush, not Janet Jackson

I find it amusing to say the least that people in this country are more outraged and demanding of an investigation of Janet Jackson baring her bosom for a brief moment on TV than they are about whether or not this country was lied to by the current administration about the situation with Iraq. If a truly honest and independent inquiry were made into the matter, I suspect it would be quite some time before we would see a Republican in office again.

Rick Zabel, Walnut Hills

Drop Inn Center saves many lives

Peter Bronson's column "Sometimes, shelter just isn't enough" (Jan. 25) failed to mention the many people saved from alcohol and drug addition by the Drop Inn Center's extensive rehabilitation programs. In addition, it underemphasized the center's policy of feeding and sheltering everyone who enters its doors, without restrictions or pre-qualification.

It is not perfect; for some, it may be purgatory. But until we have a society where homeless shelters are no longer necessary, the Drop Inn Center may be the closest thing to heaven on their earth. We should be thankful it is there to serve these people.

Robert LaShelle, Symmes Township

Columnist should be outraged by 9/11

This is in regards to the "Your Voice" column ("Conflict with Islam holds great peril" Feb. 3) by tenured Professor Richard D. Erlich. So, Prof. Erlich, sitting bravely in his safe Miami University ivory tower office, thinks some American humility would be a virtue and good for survival. What part of 3,000 Americans murdered on American soil on Sept. 11, 2001 does he not understand?

What part of Americans "Do not take well to repeated humiliation" (his words) is beyond his comprehension?

Where is the outrage?

Thank goodness we don't have to rely on fuzzy thinking academics to protect us.

Milton H. Bortz, Sharonville

Snow shovelling may make you liable

This is in regards to a letter by Phil Harrell "At least clear a path for your tax check" (Jan. 29) asking whether people were selfish or lazy for not shoveling the snow from their sidewalk. I believe it is neither one. The writer may not be aware that if someone clears away the snow but misses an icy spot that causes a passerby to fall,the homeowner might be held liable for any injury. However, if the sidewalk is not cleared, the passerby is responsible for his own safety.

Incidentally, I am the only person who has fallen on my own snow-covered sidewalk.

Tom Riordan, Oakley

Outside assistant chiefs can help city

I agree with the editorial "Hiring and firing assistant chiefs" (Jan. 21) in support of choosing upper-level police management from a nationwide search if necessary. The passage of Issue 5 confirmed the public's desire to have new inputs and fresh perspectives from someone other than insiders in institutions that have become so parochial in their composition that they have actually calcified into a bureaucracy that can barely adapt and a rate faster than glacial speed.

The private sector continually revitalizes itself with the input of fresh talent from outside. There is no reason it wouldn't work in the uniformed services for the city or the other services that the city provides for that matter.

Steve Deiters, Oakley

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