Friday, February 6, 2004

Letters to the editor

Why not a tunnel instead of a bridge?

I have a suggestion about the construction of a new Interstate 75 bridge. Why not a tunnel instead? There are two tunnels under the Mersey River linking Liverpool and Birkenhead, England. The river is nearly two miles wide, and is much deeper than the Ohio River. I have driven through both of them a few times, and they are great.

A tunnel could start in Covington, near 12th Street and come up in Queensgate to link up with I-75 and Interstate 74 in that area. A tunnel could be constructed without significantly disrupting current traffic. With a tunnel in place, the Brent Spence Bridge could be reserved for cars and light trucks only, and could have decades of structural integrity left.

Bill Grady Edgewood

Put Celibate Pride Day on the books

Mayor Charlie Luken has the wrong idea of what is tolerance. We can tolerate the fact that men prefer men and women prefer women in their relationships. We can tolerate it, but we do not celebrate it.

There should be no gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Pride Day anymore than there should be a Celibate Pride Day; hey that's not a bad idea, mayor. Why not put a Celibate Pride Day on the books?

Carol Herbert, Delhi Township

Critics should read entire Kay report

I wonder if any of the letters writers and columnists, who criticized our government's failure to know Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction, took the time to watch David Kay's testimony in its entirety on C-SPAN or read a complete transcript of it.

According to Kay, even though Saddam may have had no large stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction, he had the scientists and facilities to rapidly reconstitute programs to produce them. Also, everybody, including the intelligence organizations of the United Nations, France, Germany, Great Britain, and the United States, all believed Hussein had them. According to Kay, even his generals and soldiers were confident that these weapons existed. Saddam might have believed that he had weapons of mass destruction.

Kay speculated that Saddam was fearful of admitting that he had no weapons of mass destruction, thereby loosing his prestige and power in the Arab world and among his own people. Let's try to keep this issue in perspective and see some balanced reporting. We weren't alone.

William T. Averbeck, Edgewood

Replace army with Iraqi Peace Corps

We need a new approach in Iraq. We are involved in a war we cannot win, at high cost to ourselves, and there is no end in sight. With Saddam Hussein captured and with no weapons of mass destruction found, the war no longer has justification. We need to replace soldiers, weapons, and helicopters with what an Iraqi Peace Corp. could provide - basic services in health care and education, including training for democracy.

Dan Shine, Anderson Township

Keep growing the stadium grass

I just read of the Bengals' plans for a new playing surface ("Bengals give up on real grass" Feb. 4). I have to admit that the idea of anything less than a natural playing surface just doesn't do. So there's some mud, sweat, and tears. Cry over the weeds that won't grow. I say the Bengals ought to reevaluate this notion. The expense of the occasional replacement of real grass surpasses the horrors the new ugly green carpet will show.

Plant it; it will grow. The Bengals must reconsider their plans before things get ugly.

Eugene F. Wolters Jr.,Anderson Township

Ethanol wasteful gasoline substitute

Reporter Dan Klepal has uncovered a scandal but nobody, unfortunately, is scandalized. In an article "Hybrid vehicles boosted" (Dec. 26), Klepal revealed that the city of Cincinnati has 135 vehicles that use an 85 percent ethanol fuel.

Substituting ethanol for gasoline is enormously wasteful. I estimate that the wholesale, untaxed price of a gallon of ethanol is $1.79, and that the city pays $1.40 for a gallon of wholesale, partly taxed gasoline. These prices must be adjusted for the lower energy content of ethanol (64 percent that of gasoline).

On an energy content basis, the city pays twice as much for ethanol as for gasoline. Who in the city government has mandated this expensive experiment in phony environmentalism?

Donald Patrick Kerwick, West Chester

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