Friday, February 6, 2004

Carmen sees a stripper;
Nick handles a forklift

MTV's happy couples

By Lauren Bishop
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Except for Carmen Electra's bizarre bridal shower, it was a pretty unexciting week in the lives of Newlyweds Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson and on 'Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave.

On Newlyweds, Jessica and her mother went on an extended shopping spree. (This is the episode where Jessica bought the $1,400 sheets, which, she said, were both Egyptian and from Dallas.)

Meanwhile, Nick taught himself how to operate a forklift, which he rented to get his video arcade games to the second floor of their sprawling home. "Hey, I can always drive a forklift," the Cincinnati native and SCPA alum said at one point, perhaps in a nod to his less-than-stellar album sales.

Later, Nick helped Jessica operate their washing machine and explained what the 1983 gangster movie Scarface was about. Jessica finally agreed to watch it, after Nick promised that there was some romance involved.

On 'Til Death Do Us Part, White Oak native Carmen went wedding ring shopping at Neil Lane (the same place Madonna buys her jewelry, apparently), opting for a smaller diamond because a bigger one didn't look as good on the ring.

"It's quite possible that you're the only woman on the planet who would ever say such a thing," now-husband Dave Navarro told her by phone from Europe, where he was touring with his band, Jane's Addiction.

Carmen also checked out Jimi Hendrix's house as a possible wedding location; sampled food for her wedding and attended a bridal shower thrown by her friends. Highlights: a little person stripper, a fire dance show performed by two of Carmen's friends and an erotic cake.

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