Sunday, February 8, 2004

'Reverend Mom' makes 'Nunsense'


Kristin Clippard
Kristin Clippard, whose day job is teaching at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, has climbed on stage to play Sister Mary Regina in Nunsense.
Kristin Clippard is a veteran of the Florida Shakespeare Festival, and locally you may have spotted her on stage with Ovation or Stage First. She writes and directs plays and teaches for CCM's Preparatory Department at University of Cincinnati.

In a bit of a departure, Clippard has donned a habit and will be spoofing and singing in Nunsense at Covedale Center for the Arts (4990 Glenway Ave.), opening Thursday and continuing through Feb. 29.

Clippard is Sister Mary Regina, aka Reverend Mom. She took a few minutes away from trying to bring order to the disorderly Little Sisters of Hoboken to answer five nunsensical questions:

Jackie Demaline
How do you channel your inner Catholic girl?

Most people think it's about short plaid skirts and knee socks, but it isn't. As for channeling - that's a heathen activity I can't condone. What I do is pray and ask God to guide me across that huge Covedale stage without falling off.

Which is more important, being Reverend Mother or being President of the United States?

I think we both know the answer to that one. I have the better job, though, because I have startling influence on the young minds of America. My uniform is provided, I get to drink all the sacramental wine I want and I don't have to deal with all those godless Cabinet members.

When John Lennon sang, "Mother Superior jump the gun" what did he know that we don't?

He was a wise man. He obviously had a clue about how hard it is to be a Mother Superior in these permissive times.

Who's your favorite saint?

St. Cecilia, of course. She overcame many trials, gave everything to the poor and had quite a lively stage career before she died of stab wounds.

Who's the better Reverend Mother, you or the one in "The Sound of Music?"

First of all, she sings in a higher key, and second of all she's too much of a softie. She lets her sisters get away with climbing trees and scraping knees, whistling on the stair wearing curlers in their hair!

For Nunsense reservations and information, call 241-6550.

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