Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Water line issue delayed a month

By Brenna R. Kelly
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Residents on Longbranch Road will have to wait another month to find out whether they will get public water service for free or have to pay a $25-per-month surcharge.

The Boone Water District Board put off a vote Monday on a Florence proposal that would allow residents along the road in unincorporated Boone County to tap into a city water line - for a fee.

The water board is trying to determine whether it could legally pay the fee for the residents - and whether Florence would allow it, said Boone County Judge-executive Gary Moore.

Residents in the 22 homes along the road want public water service, but they don't want to be annexed into Florence.

If Florence and Boone County cannot work out a deal to allow the residents on Longbranch to tap into Florence's line, the Boone Water District will go ahead with plans to build a parallel water line that would bring county residents water without a surcharge. That would cost the water district $342,000.

If the water district could pay the surcharge, it would be about $6,600 a year for the 22 homes. The water district could pay the fee for more than 50 years before it equaled the cost of the water line.

Florence wants to make sure the residents who would get the water "are aware that this is a city service they are receiving," said Florence Mayor Diane Whalen.

Florence City Council decided last week that it would require the $25-per-month fee.

The Boone Water District board is expected to take up the issue at its next meeting, March 8.


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