Friday, February 13, 2004

From the state capitals

Consultant suggests pension changes

COLUMBUS - All five state retirement funds for public employees should increase contributions or cut benefits to avoid falling short of obligations in the next 30 years, a consultant recommended.

The Public Employees Retirement System, the state's largest, and the Highway Patrol Retirement System don't meet the requirement under state law to have enough assets and future contributions to meet required payments over the next 30 years, Milliman USA said in the study.

If nothing changes, PERS has just a 50-50 chance of meeting the requirement, said the study by the Ohio Retirement Study Council.

Plan would require smoke-policy signs

FRANKFORT - Local governments could not adopt full-blown smoking bans but could require businesses that allow smoking to post signs indicating their policy, under a measure a Senate panel approved Thursday.

Businesses could be required to post signs at the front of their establishments that tell patrons whether they allow smoking everywhere or in designated areas, said Sen. Dan Seum, R-Louisville, the bill's sponsor.

The measure would also void any other local smoking bans.

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From the state capitals
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