Sunday, February 15, 2004

Letters to the editor

Good-news double dip helps to brighten day

It's not often that I sit down to read the paper and cry tears of joy. It happened twice the morning of Feb. 13, after reading the article, "One finished first; both are champions," both are champions. The story was about the spirit of Purcell Marian swimmer Alex Hamm and Moeller's Matt Angelini. And then there was the article "Firecracker girls skip, jump, dazzle," about the Kings jump rope team led by Kings schools physical education teacher Lynn Kelley.

These bright rays of sunshine in the midst of dark clouds give me hope.

Linda Lyons, Groesbeck


Firecrackers exemplify good, clean fun

Thank you for the front-page story "Firecracker girls skip, jump, dazzle" (Feb. 13). It is nice to see some happy and positive news, even though this story was on the same page as the St. Xavier High School porn bust ("2 students accused of selling video porn"). The Firecrackers and their coaches are true ambassadors of goodwill, who demonstrate hard work and dedication to making people who they perform for, and appreciate clean fun and entertainment.

Don Williams, Mason


Bush is owed the most relevant medals

What were those medals doing on Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry's chest in Jim Borgman's cartoon Feb. 11? I thought he discarded and disowned the meaning of those medals years ago. Kerry is a war hero, but a few medals should be pinned on President Bush for valor in fighting al-Qaida, Saddam Hussein and world terrorism.

Elizabeth Glandorf, Delhi Township


If we're committed to war, let's act it

Regarding syndicated columnist Thomas L. Friedman's column "We need to make greater commitment" (Feb. 9): Should Americans make a greater commitment to the war in Iraq? Commitments are made when asked or perceived necessary. As a youngster growing up during World War II, the urgency of commitment was made abundantly clear. That commitment was the overriding issue of all citizens, civilians and military alike. All served and shared in the war effort.

It appears the present administration is as concerned and committed to the urgency of tax cuts as it is to the war effort.

Gerald Schwartz, Amberley Village


Bush backers have intelligence failure

After watching the interview of President Bush on Meet The Press, the president convinced me that we really did have an intelligence failure. Clearly, the intelligence of the electorate, who elected and continue to support him and his stockpile of failed policies, should be called to question.

John Gray, Monfort Heights


War in Iraq was fully justified anyway

It doesn't matter that weapons of mass destruction weren't found in Iraq. President Bush was totally justified in going to war based solely on Saddam Hussein's support of terrorism. Iraq harbored and trained terrorists under Saddam's regime. He gave money to families of Palestinian suicide bombers. This alone should have been the only justification we needed for invading Iraq.

Ron Foltz, Loveland


Lunken upgrade not worth the trouble

Lunken Airport is surrounded by neighborhoods vitally interested in keeping noise as is. Real estate values and taxes will fall in these neighborhoods in response to noise pollution at Lunken. There is no quiet jet.

Corporate Cincinnati can use Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Airport for intercontinental flights. Services like customs and security are now available. The distance to the airport from downtown is 10 minutes longer than to Lunken. This is a drop in the bucket in the context of a trip to China.

In case of a terrorist attack on Lunken, supplies and casualties would be moved in and out by ground.

Alan Chambers, Hyde Park


Ability doesn't equal being allowed

People say that if kids are ready to play in the National Football League or National Basketball Association, then they should be allowed to ("If they can play in the NFL, let them," Feb. 13). I think I was ready to drive a car when I was 13. Does that mean I should have been allowed to? Laws, rules and regulations are set in place for a reason.

Yuri Kim, Chicago (formerly of Mount Washington)

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