Sunday, February 15, 2004

Card games led to love match

Good Things Happening

Allen Howard

Florence Test, an antiques dealer, said she had a precious find when she visited the Mallard Cove Senior Retirement Community in Sharonville two years ago.

It was Martin Rost, 87, who is now her husband.

Her advice to others is that love is patient and kind.

"He is a pretty neat person to have around,'' said Test, 75. Between them, the two have 11 children, 17 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

"After both of us raised separate families, we met, dated and married. And we really enjoy each other,'' Rost said.

They are a little surprised that they had never met before that day at Mallard Cove because they both had lived on the west side of Cincinnati.

They can reminisce about baseball games, dance recitals and school functions they both attended but didn't know each other.

When they first met, the conversation went like this: "Did you ever go to any of the baseball games out in that area?" Rost asked.

"Yep, just about every one of them,'' Test said.

"Umm, never saw you,'' Rost said.

"How about any of the school dances,'' Rost asked.

"Made just about all of them,'' Test said.

"Darn, never saw you,'' Rost said.

But Cupid put a stop to that when the two started playing cards regularly at a seniors' center.

"The sparks began to fly, " Test said. "We started going out to dinners together and we realized how much we enjoyed each other.''

With family and friends at Mallard Cove, the couple said their vows on Nov. 2, 2002, followed by cake and champagne. They both live at the center.

Recruiting teachers

Frank Hale Stewart, a retired attorney from Taft Stettinius & Hollister, will head for South Africa Feb 28. He will be a part of the People to People Ambassador program to recruit teachers to train African law students.

"I am part of a group that includes lawyers from all across the country,'' Stewart said.

"Right now, plans are to be in South Africa starting in Johannesburg on Feb. 28 and remaining in Africa through March 12.''

Stewart, a graduate of Harvard College and the University of Virginia Law School, teaches law part time at the University of Virginia.

He said the program has been approved by the Black Lawyers Association, the International Senior Lawyers Project, the American Bar Association and the South Africa Attorneys.

"The People to People Ambassador was started by President Eisenhower in the 1950s. The concept was that people could accomplish more by talking with each other rather than through state officials,'' said Stewart of Hyde Park.

'Purpose' project

ALEXANDRIA, Ky. - A small northern Kentucky church will join hundreds of others in the Cincinnati area to help people find their purpose in life.

Alexandria United Methodist Church, with a congregation of about 120, will begin its 40 Days for a Purpose Driven Life campaign Saturday.

"We really wanted to do a project that's bigger than just us," said Pastor Neil Salvaterra. "This is a journey of self-discovery. It looks to answer the fundamental question of what on earth am I here for?"

The campaign, which is starting nationwide, coincides with Christian churches' historic time of reflection and renewal - Lent, which begins Feb. 25, Ash Wednesday.

The program - created by ministers at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., in 2002 - includes reading the Bible-based book, The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, pastor of the church, videos and small group discussions.

"We hope people walk away with an answer to that question and come to a realization, or at least come close, that God has a purpose for their life," Salvaterra said.

To find out about Alexandria UMC's program, call (859) 635-9727.

For information about the program and to find a participating church near you, visit .

Then click on "Find a 40 Days of Purpose Church" and look for those listed with a Winter 2004 campaign.

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