Sunday, February 15, 2004

Locals stop in Dayton with 'Fosse' cast

Monfort Heights' Katie Hyle and Symmes Township's Karl Warden have been dancing their feet off across Europe in Fosse for the past several months. (They both joined the show last June, cast from more than 500 auditioning.)

They're thrilled to return to the Unites State via southwest Ohio with a two-week run of the all-dance show opening Tuesday at Dayton's Victoria Theatre. Never mind jet lag, they happily answered these questions:

When was the first time you saw Bob Fosse's choreography?

Katie: "I've been working on the Fosse style since I was 13. I was introduced to it by (local director/choreographer) Tim Miracle when I was in Sunset Players' Pippin."

Karl: Probably the movie Cabaret, which I checked out of the library and watched over and over until they called to say it was overdue.

"I did the national tour of Chicago and that was a dream come true. That was my introduction to learning the style and the imagery that goes behind every step. His style is so effortless and smooth that it looks easy, but it's hard and even uncomfortable."

Katie: "You develop new muscles."

Karl: "I love it because it's sexy and athletic and makes a man look attractive."

Where do we watch for you in the show?

Katie: "My favorite number I'm in is "Mein Herr." I'm also a swing, which means I go in for people who are sick or injured. That's been a great experience. It keeps the show new and interesting for me because I get the chance to do so many different parts and I have to be ready at a moment's notice."

Karl: "A stand-out part for me is singing Neil Diamond's "Crunchy Granola Suite" up on a ladder - Fosse choreographed that for Dancin' in 1978.

Where do you want to be in five years?

Katie: "In a Broadway show! I hope to be a successful dancer in New York. Quite honestly, though, Fosse is my dream show and I feel so lucky to be living my dream!"

Karl: "I'd like to be in a Broadway hit show living in an apartment that I own. I wouldn't mind if (it) had a fireplace with a mantle with a Tony Award sitting on it!

The Victoria Theatre is at 138 N. Main in Dayton. Tickets $57-$28.50. For information and reservations call Ticket Center stage at (937) 228-3630, toll-free (888) 228-3630 or purchase online at www.ticket centerstage .com.

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