Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Letters to the editor

Rethink priorities to use fire simulator

I was extremely surprised to read that the Cincinnati Fire Department's flashover simulator is sitting unused because of the lack of department training staff ("Flashover simulator unused," Feb. 15). I am the mother of a Cincinnati firefighter, and I am concerned every time he is on duty. Not only am I concerned for his safety and the safety of all the firefighters, but the basic safety of the citizens is at risk.

I sympathize with Chief Robert Wright and the overtime budget restraints, but do we need a disaster to get the attention of the city officials? Increase the budget, hire more fire trainers and give the Fire Department and Cincinnati what they deserve. Cincinnati has for too many years poured revenues into the stadiums and met the demands of the team owners. What are the priorities?

Cornelia Browne, Oxford


Pass a school levy, get what you deserve

How can all of the schools in this area continue to put tax levies on the ballot when the Supreme Court of Ohio has ruled that funding of school systems through property taxes is unconstitutional? If the property owners continue to approve these levies, then another means of funding will never be found. The property owners will continue to fund the schools.

If the schools and taxpayers continue to ignore the Supreme Court and vote for these levies, then we get what we deserve - inequitable funding of schools, and of course higher property taxes. Doesn't the Supreme Court's ruling mean something to any of us?

Michele C. Naish, Reading


Keep Amberley's deer, green space too

I find it ironic that on one hand Amberley Village recently explored the possibility of shooting deer that were felt to be becoming a menace, and now on the other hand, they are now talking about eliminating part of the biggest green space in the village for development. That makes sense. Let's shoot the wildlife and pave over their natural habitat as well. We can all use another housing development. What's next, a strip mall as well?

Amberley, we have a wonderful asset here! Instead of more concrete, why not leave it green and turn it into a park that where both wildlife can roam and families can come to enjoy themselves?

Tom Robbins, Amberley Village


Commission race descends into muck

Mud wrestling in its finest form has come to town in the John Dowlin vs. Pat DeWine Hamilton County Commissioner primary match. Dowlin says DeWine started it, but a TV ad by Dowlin reached deep into the muck. Just like in real mud wrestling, it will be very hard to figure out who won in the end. I'd say it just might be the Democratic candidate.

Robert Kramer, Fairfield


Let those without enlightenment ...

I do not understand what all of the fuss is about Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. How can something that might or might not have happened 2,000 years ago affect relationships between Jews and Christians today?

An enlightened society does not hold people responsible for the misdeeds of their long-dead ancestors. And an enlightened society categorically rejects the morally reprehensible concept of "collective guilt." We are an enlightened society, aren't we?

Paul Thiel, Crescent Springs


Kerry's service is clearly better record

There's been more than enough discussion and argument over the military records of John Kerry and President Bush. The administration seems to be floundering in its attempts to produce anything close to conclusive proof that the then-National Guard pilot satisfactorily fulfilled his obligation.

As for Kerry, who has more right to protest a war than a guy whose butt was in the thick of it?

That's what democracy is supposed to be about. We have the responsibility as citizens to question our government when we don't agree with its policies, whether it be Vietnam or Iraq. Kerry wasn't a mutineer or a deserter. He did his duty, was recognized for valor, got his discharge and then protested. He was well within his rights.

Matt Hueneman, Mount Adams

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