Thursday, February 19, 2004

Letters to the editor

Swimming champs can inspire us all

Thanks for putting "One finished first; both are champions" on the Sports cover (Feb. 13). These two teen swimmers showed strength and courage often not found in most adults. Matt Angelini, thanks for your selfless act of giving your medal to Alex Hamm, who showed incredible courage just to finish the race. Who knows - maybe this could multiply into many heroic acts, large and small, to help make society one we're truly proud of. Matt and Alex are setting an example that we all should strive to live by.

Jim Freson, Loveland

St. X porn case coverage overdone

The ridiculous coverage including the article "St. X pair wait for ruling on porn DVDs" (Feb. 14) was insulting to the reader. The news media themselves should be mortified at this shameless attempt to fill dead space. While I certainly do not condone the behavior of these students, I cannot deny the continuing struggle of teenage boys to test limits and seek titillation.

I must also single out St. Xavier's spokesman for his reassuring and comforting commentary, "Of all the (videos) reviewed by our people, they found none of them with kiddie porn. They found no snuff videos - the violent stuff." Is one correct in assuming that this is the good kind of porn?

Moral for St X: Punish the students. For the media: Stop punishing us with insipidity.

John R. Cremons, Anderson Township

Parents should sacrifice vices for kids

Bravo for the "Your voice" column "Medicaid full of abuse, waste" (Feb. 15). I worked in the pediatric medical field for four years and saw firsthand the abuse of Medicaid. Parents can afford alcohol, Nike shoes, Tommy Hilfiger clothes and cigarettes, but need a prescription for Desitin because Medicaid will cover it. It is time for parents to sacrifice their own vices and take responsibility for their kids.

Tara Hussong, Covedale

Delta unfairly preys on local market

Regarding the article "Local airfares fall - to second costliest" (Feb. 14) about Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport airfares, why not focus on Delta's predatory and illogical pricing structures? For example, I just priced a seven-day fare for Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and return at $926. Leaving from Dayton and connecting to the same Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport to Cedar Rapids flights on the same days is $215 - two flights for $711 less than one.

Hub or no hub, no amount of logic can explain this obscene attempt to take advantage of the local market. With this kind of marketing strategy, Delta deserves to go bankrupt. Dayton has cheaper fares, cheaper parking, shorter security lines and is only 20 minutes farther from my house. Bye-bye, Delta and Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

George Morgan, Loveland

For dogs' sake, all marriages must end

At first I was quite relieved to find the thoughtful letter on gay marriage "Once gay marriage is OK, there's no end to social chaos" (Feb. 15). The writer's reasoning is brilliant: "If a man can marry another man, soon he will be able to marry two men, two women, his daughter or his dog. There will be no end."

But then it occurred to me that we heterosexuals started this whole mess when we invented marriage in the first place. If only we'd had this letter writer around, she would have undoubtedly pointed out that letting a man marry one woman would eventually lead to him marrying two women and then other men and so on. Thus, it is with great sadness that I must ask all heterosexual men to join me in forswearing marriage entirely. For God's sake, men, if not for your daughter, do it for your dog.

Preston Black, Springfield Township

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