Friday, February 20, 2004

Fans' hopes for the finale

Readers want to see a 'Big' happy ending on 'Sex and the City'

By Joy Kraft
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Time's running out for Sarah Jessica Parker(left), Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall.

The Cartier's a-ticking for Carrie on HBO's Sex and the City.

She's in Paris, spilling herself across fashion-room floors, wrestling with her French, flouncing around in couture ruffles and chewing her glossed lips over whether to stay with Aleksandr (as if anyone would fret over staying with Mikhail Baryshnikov!).

And, of course, there's beguiling Big (what IS his real name?) - with yet-unspoken love and could-it-be commitment on his lips - winging to Paris to save the day, with the backing of Carrie's pals in sex talk and self-absorption, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte.

A happy ending could be in store on Sunday's series finale. A miracle cure for Samantha? A baby for Charlotte? Brooklyn contentment for Miranda? Wedding white for Carrie?

Or a dose of reality and disappointment all around.

But you can't trust writers. So we asked readers to give it a whirl.

If they had their say in the denouement, happiness would be in the offing - and lots of babies.

Debbi Sanders of Cincinnati would give everyone at least one baby, some more. She would like to see "Carrie married to Big with a baby, Samantha married to Richard and have a baby, Charlotte with twins and Miranda and Steve with a new baby."

And Tiana Hunn of the West End had a most interesting twist.

"I'd like to see Carrie with Big, not married but living together, and starting a business ... and have Carrie be the surrogate mother to Charlotte's baby."

Here is a summary of the wished-for futures, and readers' favorites:

• Carrie's future. "Dump the Russian" sums it up best. Most readers wanted to see Sarah Jessica Parker's character with the elusive Big, whether it be dating, cohabitating or married to the suave businessman. Aleksandr (played by Baryshnikov) did have a few fans, and a couple simply wished for Carrie to be "happy in a relationship."

• Charlotte. "She's been waiting three seasons. Give her a baby," writes Candace Elliott of Colerain Township, a student at the University of Chicago. Everyone wants to see Kristin Davis' character in a "successful relationship" and most want her to get pregnant or adopt a baby, with the exception of Amanda Fowee of Southgate, who thinks "Charlotte should continue dating until she grows up and opens her mind a little more."

• Samantha. "Healthy" and "with Smith" got the most nods. "He really cares for her and gives us fortysomethings some hope," says Nancy Spears of Colerain Township. The unfaithful Richard had a few fans, and Hunn wants to see "her married to the young guy, but I don't want her to survive cancer" - an un-Hollywood dose of reality for Kim Cattrall's diva.

• Miranda. Considering the lawyer's devotion to her career, it's surprising that several people would like Cynthia Nixon's attorney-mom pregnant again. "I'd like to see her quit her job and Steve make the money while she has about two more kids," writes Fowee.

• Favorite episode. Most couldn't decide but "Cold War" and "I Love New York" were mentioned most.

• Favorite character (outside of the four women). Big (Chris Noth) led the way, followed by Stanford (Willie Garson) and Anthony (Mario Cantone), Charlotte's over-the-top wedding planner.

• Favorite boyfriend. Big again, with a couple votes for Aidan (John Corbett), who was just "too perfect," says Toni Filia of Maineville. There was only one for Aleksandr, who is "tender, romantic, sweet," in the eyes of Anna Butcher of downtown.

• Character you most identify with. The majority saw parts of Carrie in the mirror. "Not just because she has a thing for shoes, like I do, but some of the relationships she has been in I can completely relate to," says Jen Sepate of Hyde Park.

Charlotte was another popular choice, cited because of her kindness, unflagging optimism and sensitivity.

Butcher identifies with all of them on different levels. "I think that's why the show appeals to so many women. One week I identify with Carrie, one week Miranda, one week ... and sometimes I just wish I could be Samantha."


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