Saturday, February 21, 2004

Hilton's ex says video is making him rich

If Rick Salomon's claims are correct, he has raked in millions in Internet sales off his Paris Hilton porn video.

In just a week.

The 35-year-old producer told the New York Daily News that 50,000 people a day have paid $50 a pop to download the video of his former girlfriend having sex with him since he put it on a Czech-based Web site run by his brother, Jim, last week.

The 37-minute video has been digitally clarified since a grainy version first appeared on the Web.

"I had tons of shame from this whole thing," he said of his kiss 'n' sell. "Now, I'm . . . at least making some money off of it. It's doing really well and, hopefully, we're going to make a ton of money."

Hilton's manager did not return calls, but Salomon is not worried about any heat from The Simple Life star. "I own the rights and they can't stop me. ... I haven't heard a word."

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