Wednesday, February 25, 2004


Bluegrass singer Ralph Stanley is 77. Producer-writer Larry Gelbart is 76. Musician Tommy Newsom is 75. Actor Tom Courtenay is 67. CBS newsman Bob Schieffer is 67. Sally Jessy Raphael is 61. Actress Karen Grassle is 60. Movie director Neil Jordan is 54. Rock singer-musician Mike Peters (The Alarm) is 45. Actress Veronica Webb is 39. Actor Alexis Denisof is 38. Actress Tea Leoni is 38. Actress Lesley Boone ("Ed") is 36. Actor Sean Astin is 33. Rhythm and blues singer Justin Jeffre (98) is 31. Rock musician Richard Liles is 31. Actor Anson Mount is 31. Actress Rashida Jones is 28. Actor Justin Berfield is 18. Actors Oliver and James Phelps (Harry Potter movies) are 18.

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