Friday, February 27, 2004

When birthday floats, adapt

Leap Day - Use it wisely!
Lovers' leaps
Extra day fine tunes our modern calendar
So when do you celebrate your birthday if you're born on Feb. 29 - and it's not a leap year?

While many Leap Day babies choose to blow out the candles on March 1, George Wilson celebrates his special day on Feb. 28 during non-leap years.

"I never wanted to do it in March because I wasn't born in March," says Wilson, a Cincinnati firefighter who lives in Springfield Township.

Wilson not only beat the odds by being born on the rarest day on the calendar, he has a younger brother, Keith, a Villa Hills computer engineer, who was born four years later on Leap Day. George will celebrate his 52nd birthday Sunday. Keith will turn 48.

"We always had a bigger party on leap years," says George. "I think it was special that my mom had us both on a leap year."

Famous Leap Day babies:

• Paul III (1468), last Renaissance pope

•  Gioacchino Rossini (1792), composer

• Herman Hollerith (1860), inventor

• Jimmy Dorsey (1904), band leader

• Dennis Farina (1944), actor

Chuck Martin

Leap Day - Use it wisely!
When birthday floats, adapt
Lovers' leaps
Extra day fine tunes our modern calendar
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