Sunday, February 29, 2004

Our critic: Who will win, who should win

Margaret McGurk

It's that time again, when critics put down their bets on which contenders will go home with Oscars tonight. Here are Margaret A. McGurk's calls:

Best Picture: Will win - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. Should win - The Lord of the Rings. The Academy can recognize the astonishing accomplishments of the trilogy, and the final chapter was the best.

Best Director: Will win - Peter Jackson. Should win - Peter Jackson. For managing the small army that made The Rings.

Actress: Will win - Charlize Theron. Should win - Charlize Theron. It took much more than ugly makeup to create the mad killer of Monster; it took more talent than people credited to Theron.

Actor: Will win - Johnny Depp (left). Should win - Bill Murray. This looks like a very close three-way race, including Sean Penn for Mystic River. Murray was brilliant in Lost in Translation, but in a subtle way. Depp was flashier in Pirates of the Caribbean, and it's about time a comic role won.

Supporting Actor: Will win - Tim Robbins. Should win - Tim Robbins. In an excellent competition, Robbins stands out with the best performance of his career, in Mystic River.

Supporting Actress: Will win - Renee Zellweger. Should win - Shohreh Aghdashloo. Aghdashloo's work in House of Sand and Fog was a marvel of complexity. But Zellweger, nominated for Cold Mountain, is well-liked, and she has lost out in previous Oscar contests.

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Our critic: Who will win, who should win
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