Wednesday, March 3, 2004

DeWine defeats Dowlin decisively

By Cindi Andrews
The Cincinnati Enquirer

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Republican voters handed Hamilton County Commissioner John Dowlin his walking papers Tuesday, flocking to challenger Pat DeWine more than 2-to-1 in the party primary.

DeWine beat Dowlin 69 percent to 31 percent.

"I stand by what I have said and what I do; and if that's not what the people of Hamilton County want, that's the way it goes," Dowlin said.

The race for one of the three commission seats was the most high profile of several local contests in Hamilton County. Voting was light despite the 58-degree weather; just 28 percent of registered voters turned out.

DeWine, a Cincinnati councilman, took the almost unheard-of step of challenging an incumbent fellow Republican.

Dowlin responded with a controversial commercial that accused DeWine of changing his vote on tax breaks for Convergys Corp. after the company hired a woman for whom he left his wife.

J.D. Bender, 38, of Green Township, said he voted for DeWine because of his call for tax cuts.

"The status quo, I don't think, is the direction I want the county to go in," he said after voting Tuesday.

Winning the GOP primary is tantamount to a general election victory in the Republican-leaning county. College student Erich Streckfuss won the Democratic primary to oppose DeWine.

Gregory Korte and Jennifer Edwards contributed. E-mail

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