Thursday, March 4, 2004

Readers react to Schott's passing

Letters to the editor

Let's not limit our memorials to Marge Schott to plaques, buildings and well-meaning words. Instead, let's try to be a little more like Marge.

How about we all try to do good and remain true to ourselves?

Let's not apologize for unintentional wrongs; instead let's apologize for being misunderstood, when necessary.

Let's not change who we are, just to be popular with people who do nothing but look for reasons to find fault.

Let's not use being unpopular with the fault-finders as an excuse to stop doing good.

It would take all of us doing a little bit to even come close to replacing one Marge Schott.

There will never be another Marge Schott. That is something to be sad about. But, by gosh, she called our city her hometown and was proud to say so.

George Corneliussen Montgomery

Marge Schott was a true Cincinnatian

I have always said Marge Schott was my hero. From being the only female owner of a Major League baseball team to her generosity toward charities and children, Cincinnati has lost a woman with a wonderful heart. She was ridiculously criticized, but I always stood behind her. She was a woman true to her word. Marge Schott was one of the few true Cincinnatians. She will surely be missed.

Melissa Bishop Sycamore Township

Others came firstin Schott's life

I would like to thank The Enquirer for the piece on Marge Schott. I can remember going down to the stadium early just so I could meet her and to see the dogs. She was a great woman no matter what she said. Now that I am in college, I realize that she wasn't doing things for herself; others came first in her life. Thanks for the great piece.

Chris Moore Maineville

It was never OK to hate other people

Did anyone at the Enquirer read the article about Marge Schott, "Insensitivity defined reign over Reds"? Insensitivity? You've got to be kidding. No wonder many in our community insist Cincinnati is insensitive. I'm sick of the apologies, "She was a product of her time." What are you saying - 50 years ago it was OK to hate people who were different? What is the Enquirer saying with a special section honoring a woman who brought so much intolerance into our city?

We will have no future together as a community until we take a hard look at our collective past.

Brian Ewing Westwood

Marge took care of the Reds' fans

I wrote to Marge several times praising her for keeping Reds ticket prices in the range that most families could afford. The year she was removed, up, up went the prices of tickets and food.

She will be truly missed. Her biggest problem was being born a female who entered the baseball business.

Dale Raming Eastgate

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