Thursday, March 4, 2004

What you say ... on election results

Hamilton County voters are to be commended for their support of the Museum Center levy. I confess, due to disappointments in past elections, I was expecting the worst. Local residents have shown that appreciation for those things that make Cincinnati unique is still alive and well. We have ensured the continued existence of one of the most priceless landmarks we have, and a wonderful center for learning and culture.

John Lang, Westwood

As a longtime resident of Kentucky who has recently moved to Ohio, I approached my first-time voting experience with a touch of bemusement. I knew Ohio still uses a paper ballot as compared to Kentucky's electronic voting system (who's backward here?). My bemusement turned to chagrin when my ballot's number was listed next to my name. I thought the purpose of the ballot booth was to keep my vote secret! While I'm sure that everything is on the up and up (the government would never stoop to, or allow, the checking who voted for whom or what, would it?), I question the ethics of even having the ability to do so. Kentucky doesn't employ such a process. Why do you, Ohio?

William Cassedy, Springdale

On the same day you report "Voters shoot down 11 other area education levies" ("8 school districts win issues," March 3), you publish a letter about Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ stating, "A single viewing of this amazing movie will have a more positive impact than a semester's worth of historically accurate theology lectures delivered by a professor." Yeah, those darn academics are so boring; pass the popcorn.

Mike McCarthy, Walnut Hills

Congratulations to the Madeira School District. The strong support for the passage of the bond issue is a testament to the vision of our former superintendent, the late Mikie Hummel, and to the planning and patience of the Madeira School Board. To all who worked so hard to plan for and pass this bond issue, I thank you. You have done a great service not only for the schools but for the city of Madeira.

Steve Shaw, Madeira City Council

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