Sunday, March 7, 2004

Mixed media

Tiernon leaving for Indianapolis

Jim Knippenberg

Channel 5 co-anchor Anne Marie Tiernon is headed home to Indiana. She'll leave the station in late spring, then take over anchoring daytime newscasts at WTHR-TV, Indianapolis' NBC affiliate.

It's a logical move for Tiernon, who has been co-anchoring with Dave Wagner for four years. She's originally from Fort Wayne and before coming here, worked in Indy for nine years.

In Cincinnati, she co-anchored the 5, 6 and 11 p.m. news, a job which left little time for evenings with her family, including daughters Emma and Grace.

No word on a replacement yet, but according to Channel 5 president and general manager Richard Dyer, the search is already on.

Another goodbye

Greg McKinney, a Channel 5 reporter and morning anchor for nine years, is off to Spokane, Wash., after job-hunting since July. He'll take over as main anchor on the Fox affiliate there.

His wife, Channel 12 meteorologist Angelique Frame, is headed west, too, but not just yet. "I'll be leaving sometime toward the end of my contract (November) after taking care of details here.

"I can't imagine leaving a place like 12, but you know how the business goes."

For the time being, you can hear Frame doing the weather at noon and 4 p.m. weekdays and on Channel 12's Saturday morning news.


Whew, talk about a homecoming! Veteran country jock Bill Whyte returned to country station WUBE-FM (105.1) earlier last week after almost 12 years in different markets. He shares the morning mike with Amanda Orlando and former Channel 9 anchor Randy Little from 5 to 9 a.m. weekdays.

What makes the homecoming notable is that Whyte was huge here in the '80s and early '90s. He even won the Country Music Association's "Personality of the Year" award in '91 and twice was nominated for Billboard's "Personality of the Year" award.

He decided to return after stints in Milwaukee, Indianapolis and Nashville so he could be closer to family: His wife Kathy is a native, and daughter Heather was born and reared here.

Rosie sings

Channel 48 is building a whole package around the premiere of Rosemary Clooney: Girl Singer (8 p.m. Thursday), a new show of old performances from her 1956-57 TV series. The cool part is, most of the performances haven't been seen since they aired in the '50s.

Channel 48 will have Rosemary's brother, Nick, in the studio live and has also built a fund-raising pitch around the show.

Carol Burnett narrates the show, which includes 18 songs along with interviews with all five of Rosemary's children, Nick, nephew George and buddy and sometimes collaborator Michael Feinstein.

Why Rob?

You were wondering perhaps what Channel 19 morning co-anchor Rob Williams' name is doing smack in the middle of a bawdy Dame Edna song about her son Kenny in A Night with Dame Edna: The Show that Cares? It's running right now at the Aronoff's Procter & Gamble Hall.

His co-anchor, Sheila Gray, has the answer: Seems the Dame's researchers called around town asking for the name of the city's best looking anchor. The verdict? Rob Williams.

Touchy, aren't they?

Cincinnati Magazine editor Kitty Morgan recently had a revelation: "People are more comfortable talking about their sex lives than how much money they make."

She made this discovery as the staff was preparing its annual salary guide for the April issue. That's the edition listing how much money people make - from the mayor to police chief, corporate giants, plumbers, ballet dancers, butchers, bakers and candlestick makers.

The point really came home when her staff tried to get photos of people to run with a list of their salaries. "They turned us down flat. Every one of them. We finally had to resort to performers - a ballet dancer, actor and people like that, who would benefit from having their picture in the magazine."

German TV

Another mystery solved. Know why Time Warner Cable all of a sudden has a German language TV station? It's because Don Heinrich Tolzmann and the German-American Citizens League (GACL) launched a petition drive that left them no choice.

According to Tolzmann, GACL president, "We went to all the summer festivals and got several hundred signatures. It irked me that we had to go through that when 50 percent of our population is of German heritage, but once we had them, Warner agreed right away."

The station runs selections from several German stations, showing news, films, sports, documentaries, specials and cultural programs. It's available only on Warner's digital service.

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