Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Nail polish can't keep promise

Real trial

By Joy Kraft
The Cincinnati Enquirer

Megan Kelly
Megan Kelly
Erin Kelly
Erin Kelly

Maybelline ForeverStrong + Iron (top) and Revlon Colorstay Always On Color (right)
We're sending our volunteer Fashion Panel members to the shelves to test whether advertised beauty products live up to their promises. two sisters who tried long-lasting nail polishes by Maybelline and Revlon.

Product: Maybelline ForeverStrong + Iron and Revlon Colorstay Always On Color.

Promise: Ads for both promise 10 days of superior wear.

Testers: The Kelly sisters - Megan, 16, and Erin, 18, Turpin High School students.

The search: Found at first drugstore visited.

Price: $4 for Maybelline Forever Strong and $5.99 for Revlon Colorstay Always On Color.

Product performance: "(Maybelline) dried quickly but there were obvious brush strokes," says Erin. The Revlon "went on smoothly even though the brush was hard to maneuver, but the color wasn't what I expected," says Megan.

Results: "The (Maybelline) did worse than the polishes I use normally. I applied it on Sunday afternoon, and by Monday evening I already had a huge chip on my thumbnail," says Erin.

Megan used the Revlon Colorstay on her toenails and says, "I went about three days without any chips but, by the fourth day, half of the polish on my big toe was gone."

Rank: With 10 being tops, Erin gave the Maybelline polish a 4 because its "color was pretty, but the polish doesn't do what it promises as far as lasting longer than other brands."

Megan gave the Revlon Colorstay a 6 because "it lasted longer than the polish my sister used but not 10 days. Also, the color on the bottle looked bronzey-red but when applied it looked more brown."

Repeat purchase? "Probably not," says Erin.

"I would buy this in a different color to see how the other color turns out," says Megan.

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