Friday, March 12, 2004

Two get maximums for murderous spree

By Kevin Aldridge
The Cincinnati Enquirer

For Elaine Williams, there was no punishment a court could deliver to the two men who killed her son that would satisfy her family.

"Not death, not life in prison," Williams said Thursday, choking back tears. "We ask the court to show no mercy."

And it didn't, handing out two maximum sentences.

Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Norbert Nadel sentenced Jermaine Lowery, 24, of Lincoln Heights to life in prison with no possibility of parole for 20 years for the aggravated murder of Kevin Williams, 37, of Lincoln Heights. Nicholas Bolden, 24, of Lincoln Heights, a partner in the crime, was given 15 years to life.

Both sentences were the maximum allowed.

Lowery and Bolden were among four men accused of terrorizing Lincoln Heights with sawed-off shotguns during a two-month crime spree last summer that included carjackings, armed robberies, arson and murder.

Henry Woods, a 26-year-old accomplice, was sent to prison for 23 years earlier this month after admitting his role in the spree. A fourth man, Randall Lowry, 24, goes to trial Monday on aggravated robbery and murder charges.

Nadel called the acts "brutal and senseless" and said the defendants show "no genuine remorse" for the crime. Kevin Williams' mother, father and son were allowed to address the court before the sentences were handed down.

"Our son is gone forever and you had no right to take his life," Elaine Williams said. "We can never forgive you."

Lowery shook his head and laughed aloud as the judge pronounced his sentence. Lowery claimed that he was innocent and did not receive a fair trial.

Lowery was also sentenced to 10 years for aggravated robbery and three years for gun specifications.

Boldin was sentenced to an additional 10 years for aggravated robbery.


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