478th Combat Engineer Batallion
As the nation reflects this week on the start of war one year ago, a Cincinnati Enquirer survey finds that many local reservists paid a price for their service.

Coming home, changed by war
One year ago, the 478th Combat Engineer Battalion was huddled in a desert camp in Kuwait, nerves on edge over possible Scud missile attacks, weathering a ferocious sand storm. Today, the aftereffects of war show up in the soldiers' answers to an 18-question survey.
Voices from the survey

Pride mixes with pain of losing a son
a year after Spc. James Christopher Wright went to war, six months after the 27-year-old west-sider was ambushed and killed, his family is trying to heal.

Iraq campaign altered warfare
After the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the United States, part-time soldiers - like those of the 478th Engineer Battalion in Fort Thomas - had to leave families and jobs to begin serving overseas. It's a cycle that will continue, but is generating controversy.

Profiles of the 478th:
Spc. Holly Bebout: In her military training and experience in Iraq, she found a calling: medicine.

Sgt. David Bray: While he was in Iraq, wife Sarah juggled a full-time job, two daughters, and helping other military families cope.

1st Lt. Tim Nash: He came within days of missing the birth of his first child last year.

Sgt. Anthony Harmon: The Iraq war delayed the dreams of a Hamilton couple. Now, they're back on track.

Sgt. Mike Grob: When he called home from Iraq, his wife tried to hide his daughter's angst over his absence.

Slideshow: A year in Iraq
Photos from the 478th Combat Engineering Battalion in Iraq.

Six weeks of war
Interactive timeline and image gallery

Reconstruction of Iraq
Conditions for Iraqis are gradually improving. See plans for reconstruction.

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The Cincinnati Enquirer surveyed 105 veterans of the 2003 Iraq war - all members of the Army Reserve 478th Engineering Battalion in Fort Thomas - in February and march about the war's impact on them and their families.


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