Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Letters to the editor

Thanks to Huggs, we have a sport to cheer

One thing is for certain in the Cincinnati sports scene is the UC Bearcats competing in the NCAA basketball tourney.

The Bengals have dwelled in the National Football League basement for most of the past 13 years.

With their current pitching, the Reds will be lucky to not finish last in their division.

Meanwhile, coach Bob Huggins has been spitting out 20-plus win seasons year after year. And for that we thank you, coach Huggins. The NCAA basketball playoffs are surely the best sports event of the year.

Kurt Hultquist, Norwood


County needs to cut stadium losses

Since Hamilton County Commissioners Todd Portune and Phil Heimlich are in a litigating mood, maybe they should consider suing themselves ("County joins stadium suit," March 14). After all, they were on the City Council that held up 10 acres of land for Paul Brown Stadium until they extorted millions of dollars from the county for the reconstruction of Fort Washington Way.

There is no question that the lease for the stadium is a sweet deal for the Bengals and a bitter pill for the taxpayers. However, the county commissioners are now throwing good money after bad in a vain attempt to void a lease that was negotiated and agreed to by two willing parties. It's time to cut our losses, abide by the lease and direct our energy to making sure this county never makes the same mistake again.

Chris Henn, Finneytown


Creator Borgman should know better

What was Jim Borgman trying to say in his cartoon "Ohio's new curriculum" in the March 13 Enquirer? That teaching creationism as science is comparable to teaching leeching in health or flat Earth theory in geography? Is he saying creationism is false? Or is he saying teaching creationism is going back into the dark ages?

Borgman is an artist and a good one. What does he believe about creation? If he believes in the "big bang" as an explanation to how the universe began, would he think one of his cartoons with all his cute drawings and captions could appear as the result of an explosion at the Enquirer? He is a creator himself but doesn't believe in creationism? Something isn't right here.

Linda Fox, Lebanon


Bush lacks credibility to back up ads

As we watch the television ads in which the Bush administration attacks Sen. John Kerry, we remember how often in the last four years this same administration has lied to us - by the misuse of statistics, by clever euphemisms disguising assaults on the environment, and by the slanting and withholding of information. Even the Republican Congress was lied to in the case of the cost of the new Medicare bill. Why should we now believe the president is telling the truth when he attacks Kerry's record?

Sally Derby Miller, Finneytown


Keep our backbone; Spain lacks one

Chalk up a victory for al-Qaida. The Spanish people are like a bunch of ostriches and have buried their heads in the sand hoping that the problem will disappear or that the United States will come to their aid and save them in the event of further terrorist attacks. Now that al-Qaida has them on their knees, do they think the attacks will cease?

I hope that the electorate of this great country has the backbone to support the present leadership.

Donald L. Harless, Forest Park


Coverage on amendment one-sided

I was highly disappointed in the Enquirer's March 14 Forum coverage of the proposed constitutional amendment on same-sex marriage ("To Amend or Not to Amend" / "Why is the Constitution so hard to change?"). Every person quoted in the editorial was opposed to same-sex marriage, whether or not they support the proposed amendment.

The members of Congress quoted in the sidebar included seven Republicans and one conservative Democrat from Indiana. What about the six Democrats who represent Ohio? Couldn't you have found a single person with an alternative viewpoint? I think it would be helpful to learn why it is critical for same-sex couples to have legal validation of their partnerships rather than to read the narrow-minded rhetoric that seems to prevail in these editorials.

Norah Shire, Mason

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