Thursday, March 18, 2004

Letters to the editor

Kentuckians, fight for clean indoor air

Kentucky state legislators are trying to pass a law to pre-empt cities and towns from enacting clean indoor air laws to protect their citizens. We can't sit quietly while they steal a right that isn't theirs.

Secondhand smoke is a serious crisis, not only in Kentucky but also all over the country. Secondhand smoke affects everyone within breathing distance. It contains 200 poisons, including 69 that have been shown to cause cancer, respiratory infections and asthma.

I hope Northern Kentucky leads the way on this important health issue. But we may not even get a chance to discuss it. It's critical that we maintain the ability to make our choices, not have them made in Frankfort. Call your legislator today and tell them these decisions are best made at home.

Erin Paul chair, Northern Kentucky Tobacco Prevention Coalition

Anti-smoking ad maker defended

In response to the article "Northlich pulls anti-smoking ad from contests, but not TV"(March 10), I'd like to lend some perspective. When professionals globally are focused on solving the same marketing problems, it's inevitable that some are going to find similar solutions.

Northlich president Rick Miller and Northlich have taken the high road. Rather than pointing out the many differences between their commercial and one done previously, they pulled theirs from further competition. In my 30 years in advertising, I've known Northlich as a respected and honorable competitor, with well-deserved pride in their product. I'm certain any similarities between their work and 5-year-old work from South Africa were purely coincidental.

Tim Gibson partner, creative director, Freedman, Gibson & White Inc.

Series on returning troops inspiring

Thank you, Enquirer, for the series on the soldiers who return home. It inspires gratitude for their return and respect for their service. It also reminds us to honor the hundreds of U.S. troops who have been killed, the thousands wounded, and the thousands of civilians killed and wounded. Although we were undeniably misled into entering the war, our troops will be committed there for months, perhaps years, to come. We need to ensure support for their families, even as we demand government accountability.

Barbara Rugen, Maineville

Seniors need to save money on drugs

Have your ever looked at the labels inside your clothes or the markings inside your TV, VCR, radio and car? They are all made in part out of the United States, so why the concern over Canadian drugs? Please let seniors spend a little less on drugs, so we may have a little more for food. I have read barely anything about people who go without food so they can pay for their prescriptions. Is this the American way?

Carole Kehrer, Mount Adams

Look at Boston for bridge perspective

I recently finished reading The Big Dig: Reshaping an American City, about Boston's Central Artery project. It has taken more than 20 years and $14 billion to build three tunnels and bridges. I recommend it highly for all Ohio politicians and so-called doubtful engineers to read.

There are three interstates merging through Cincinnati, and you cannot make up your mind what to do with the Brent Spence Bridge dilemma. Evidently there is not influence in Washington. How many more years of feasibility studies does it take to make up someone's mind?

Zane F. Bilwin, Anderson Township

Evolution too iffy to be only model

Teaching evolution as the only explanation of human existence is more dogmatic than any biblical point of view. To believe that billions of years ago two molecules bumped into each other and, without intelligent intervention, ultimately evolved into a Wal-Mart takes more faith than I have.

My belief in God and his plan is not just some medieval thought process. I would tell anyone that it is an intelligent and logical choice.

I don't totally discount natural selection from the mix; a few more millennia of driving on Interstate 75 at rush hour, and my descendants might develop extra eyes on the side of their heads and built-in airbags.

Our human minds, crippled by concepts like time and space, will continually come up with theories like evolution to explain things, but even people who don't believe in God shouldn't accept evolution as the only possibility; and it certainly shouldn't be the only process taught to our children.

Wade Hornsby, Florence

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