Friday, March 19, 2004

Dillon's complaints beg for a response


In a power struggle with Bengals coach Marvin Lewis, it sounds like a recipe for "smack-down" to me. ("Dillon airs his gripes on TV show," March 18). I hope Corey Dillon was wearing pads.

Charles E. Gray

Cold Spring

What's done is done with stadium

Hamilton County, in suing the Bengals and the National Football League, sounds like a player who is crying about a contract he signed in good faith and now wants to renegotiate his deal. The taxpayers of Hamilton County have already spoken on this issue by supporting the stadium tax levy with a 61 percent majority vote.

This is just another black eye on our great city. Leave what's already been done alone.

Jim Foster

Colerain Township

Lying, not bombs, beat Spain's leader

In response to the letter "Spain election brings scary what-ifs" (March 17), the lesson of the Spanish election is this: You lie and turn a deaf ear to the people you are elected to serve at your own peril. Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar tried to mislead Spanish citizens about the damage and mismanagement of the Prestige oil spill disaster. His capitulations to big business prompted a general strike that brought the country to a standstill. He committed Spanish lives and treasure to a war based on deceit.

It was not the March 11 terrorist attack, but it was his party's attempt to deceive the public about its perpetrators that appears to have been the last straw for citizens whose trust had been repeatedly abused.

Linda L. Gross

Western Hills

Airport debate includes quality of life

Much has been written about strengthening the runways at Lunken Airport, thus creating more air traffic and concurrently more noise. This could be true, but there is another very important consideration - quality of life for our city.

If we remove the public golf course, which has been suggested, the sports playing fields and the children's playground, not to mention the wonderful walking trail, we remove yet another oasis of greenery and recreation space, so important to so many. When doctors are encouraging exercise and family values, why are we thinking of eliminating a haven in our city for these very activities?

Jean Middlekauff

Mount Lookout

Cartoon demeaned creationism

Although I often disagree with the political views expressed in Jim Borgman's cartoons, I believe he is an exceptionally talented and creative artist. I must, however, express my response to his cartoon of March 13 "Ohio's new curriculum." To equate offering the idea of creationism, along side the evolution theory, with teaching the Earth is flat, math by counting fingers, etc., seems the height of intolerance towards those - who are many - who believe in the creator.

Karen Yanik


Inmates have lots of time to improve

Regarding the editorial "Helping ex-felons return to society" (March 16), I have to wonder what these felons are doing while they are in prison.

Taxpayers are already paying the bills to feed and house prisoners. There are educational opportunities available to them while they are in prison. If prisoners do not take advantage of opportunities they are given inside prison, why should we think they would do so on the outside? A better question might be: How many would have avoided prison in the first place had they taken advantage of their first opportunity to a free education, the public school system?

Chris McKeown


Make subway tunnel a tourist draw

Regarding the article in CiN Weekly "Great expectations/Why does an 80-year-old hole continue to fascinate Cincinnatians?" (March 17): Cincinnati's unfinished subway tunnel is historic and a mysterious oddity literally right under our feet.

Why should anything have to be done to it? It sounds like people are waiting in line to see it; I would. And on top of that, I think people would pay to see it; I would. It stands as a reminder of years past in this wonderful city. Open the tunnel to the public and publicize it as Cincinnati history.

Spencer Dunning

Terrace Park

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