Friday, March 19, 2004

1 month: 6 wrecks, 7 deaths

11:08 p.m. Feb. 14, Roosevelt Avenue, Middletown

What happened: Westbound 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse driver lost control, struck utility pole on passenger side. Passenger Kristen Norris, 17, of Middletown, and driver Joseph Adams, 19, were killed. Factors police noted: Speed, minimum of 96 mph in a 35-mph zone. Adams was not wearing a seat belt; unclear whether Norris had used one. Adams' driving record: Six convictions, two suspensions, two crashes; sent warning that he was halfway to a third suspension.

• Jan. 27, 2001: Crash in Butler County. Cited for following too closely. Juvenile Court ordered him to pay $60 court costs and attend defensive driving course.

• June 30, 2001: Cited for failure to use headlights after dark and muffler violation in Butler County. Juvenile Court ordered him to pay $40 court costs.

• Nov. 24, 2001: Accident in Butler County.*

• Dec. 17, 2001: Charged with speeding in Butler County. Juvenile Court ordered him to pay $60 court costs and sent the case to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles for a probationary license suspension.

• Jan. 2, 2002: Three-month license suspension imposed.

• March 23, 2002: Second remedial driving course taken.

• July 23, 2002: Speeding citation: 83 mph in a 65-mph zone in Scott County, Ky. Conviction in August; no points on Ohio license because conviction occurred out-of-state.*

• Oct. 26, 2003: Citation for drunken driving in Middletown; license suspended after breath test registered 0.09, above 0.02 limit for under-age-21 drivers.

• Nov. 20, 2003: Court appearance. Charge reduced to reckless operation; suspension terminated. Fined $150 plus court costs and ordered to attend driver intervention program.

• Dec. 21, 2003: Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles sends letter warning Adams he has accumulated at least six points - 12 points in violations within two years will suspend his license.

• Jan. 9, 2004: Completed third remedial driving program.

• Jan. 15, 2004: Cited for speeding 40 mph in a 20-mph zone, eastbound on the High Street-Main Street bridge in Hamilton; the officer described Adams as cooperative and polite. The city's municipal court later receives a written guilty plea and payment of a $77 fine.

7:37 p.m. Feb. 16, Lower Springboro Road, Franklin

What happened: Westbound 1986 Honda Civic CRX went left-of-center, crashed into a tree. Driver Timothy "Justin" Hoff, 19, of Franklin was killed; passenger Bethany Riley, 17, of Miamisburg, still hospitalized in fair condition.

Factors police noted: Speed, minimum of 56 mph in a 35-mph zone; two tires with little or no tread left. Hoff's driving record: One conviction.

• Oct. 9, 2003: Cited for speeding in city of Carlisle, Warren County, 46 mph in a 35-mph zone on Dayton-Oxford Road. Pleaded guilty. Fined $38 plus $52 court costs.

12:35 a.m. Feb. 22, Beckett Road, West Chester

What happened: Northbound 1992 Eagle Talon passed a 1996 Saturn SC2. The Saturn tried to overtake the Talon as it was turning left onto Mill Creek Circle. The Saturn struck the Talon, then hit a utility pole. The driver of the Saturn, Dominic C. (Gonzaba) Broderick, 18, of West Chester, died; Patrick C. Edinger, 19, of West Chester, the Talon driver, treated for minor injuries. Factors police noted: Broderick's blood-alcohol level was 0.116, above the 0.02 legal limit for minors. He also did not wear a seat belt. Edinger was charged with reckless operation, which indirectly contributed to the crash.

Broderick's driving record: No citations.

Edinger's driving record: Six convictions; recent warning he was halfway to his first suspension.

• Oct. 9, 2001: Cited for speeding in Butler County. Convicted in Juvenile Court.*

• March 30, 2002: Cited for equipment misuse in Butler County. Convicted in Juvenile Court.*

• Sept. 24, 2002: Cited for registration or title violation in Butler County. Convicted in Juvenile Court.*

• May 18, 2003: Cited for failure to yield the right-of-way in Butler County. Paid $50 costs and $20 fine by mail.

• Oct. 5, 2003: Cited for reckless operation, almost caused accident on East Miami River Road, Harrison. Pleaded no contest; found guilty. Fined $100 plus $84 costs.

• Oct. 25, 2003: Cited for speeding in Sharonville, 85 mph in a 65-mph zone on Interstate 275 northbound. Paid $65 fine plus $39 costs by mail.

8:52 a.m. Feb. 27, Interstate 71, Franklin County

What happened: Northbound 1996 Volvo 850 had changed lanes and pulled in front of a 1992 Ford Ranger. The Ranger swerved, struck a guardrail and a bridge and toppled over onto its passenger side. Passenger Andy Ramsey, 17, of Reading, died; driver Joey Wilson, 17, of Reading, had minor injuries.

Factors police noted: Ramsey was not wearing seat belt. Following too closely was a contributing factor. Franklin County prosecutors were considering if anyone should be charged.

Wilson's driving record: One suspension, one conviction, one accident.

• June 14, 2003: Cited for speeding at Fields Ertel and Crestfield, Symmes Township*. Convicted in Hamilton County Juvenile Court. Ordered to pay $63 court costs.

• July 11, 2003: Six-week suspension imposed as a result of speeding case.

• Oct. 9, 2003: Accident in Hamilton County.*

3:53 a.m. Feb. 29, Covedale Avenue, West Price Hill

What happened: Southbound 1998 Jeep Cherokee went off the road, struck trees and a parked vehicle and flipped over. Driver Christopher D. Voll, 18, of Delhi Township, died. Factors police noted: Voll's blood-alcohol level was 0.23. Police said excessive speed also a factor. Voll's driving record: Three convictions, two accidents, sent warning he was halfway to his first suspension.

• Dec. 4, 2001: Accident in Hamilton County*.

• Jan. 21, 2003: Traffic light violation at Anderson Ferry and Foley roads, Delhi Township. Conviction in Hamilton County Juvenile Court. Ordered to pay $63 court costs.

• May 23, 2003: Cited for speeding in 5800 block of Glenway Avenue. Fined $65 plus $35 court costs in Hamilton County Municipal Court.

• Nov. 3, 2003: Stop sign violation related to a crash* at Delhi and Mount Alverno. Fined $65 plus $35 court costs in Hamilton County Municipal Court.

• Jan. 4, 2004: Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles sends letter warning Voll he was halfway to his first license suspension.

10:35 p.m. March 10, field near Black Oak Lane, Mason

What happened: 1998 Jeep Wrangler tipped over in loose dirt.

Driver Benjamin R. Foulke, 17, of Deerfield Township, was killed; Passengers Ryan P. Blakeley and Ethan C. Howard, both 18 and from the Mason area, had minor injuries.

Factors police noted: Driver suspected of alcohol use; test results unavailable. Police found empty beer can in vehicle, and reports say Foulke told passengers he had drunk "two cases of beer and four shots of (gin)." Driver wore no seat belt.

Foulke's driving record: No citations.

* records incomplete/further details unavailable

Sources: Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, court records, police records, coroner's offices.

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