Saturday, March 20, 2004

Jury still thinking in Tyco execs' trial

The Associated Press

NEW YORK - Jurors ended their first full day of deliberations Friday in the trial of two former top executives accused of looting $600 million from Tyco International Inc. without reaching a verdict.

State Justice Michael Obus gave background on the term "criminal intent" in response to a question raised by the panel Thursday, shortly after deliberations began. He also answered several other requests, including explanation of the term "good faith."

Jurors will resume deliberations Monday.

Prosecutors complained when Obus said he would inform the jury that criminal intent was meant to describe a defendant's state of mind and that there was no separate definition of the term.

"That's what the law says," Obus told prosecutor Ann Donnelly. "I know you're not crazy about it, but we just work here."

The jury also requested read-backs of testimony from two witnesses, including co-defendant Mark Swartz. But after Obus told jurors that it would take most of two days for those read-backs, they changed their minds.

L. Dennis Kozlowski, Tyco's former chief executive officer, and Swartz, the former chief financial officer, are charged with a total of 32 counts of grand larceny, falsifying business records and violating state business laws. They each could face up to 30 years in prison.

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