Saturday, March 20, 2004

McCartney's children's book
could rival Madonna's

Look out, Madonna: Paul McCartney is getting into the kiddie-book writing biz, reports

Publishing sources say that McCartney - because of his rock-star status - could generate the sort of best seller that Madonna did with The English Roses.

McCartney is co-writing, with Philip Ardagh, a children's book called High in the Clouds, about two squirrels and a frog that try to rescue animals endangered by urban development.

High in the Clouds is being published in the United Kingdom by Faber and Faber, but no U.S. publisher has been announced.

One book-world insider says, "This will be a hot property. Even if the book is awful, it will sell like hotcakes. Because he's Paul McCartney, he's almost guaranteed to get on all the talk shows to promote it, and what politically correct, baby boomer parents wouldn't want their children - or their grandchildren - to read a book by a former Beatle?"

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McCartney's children's book could rival Madonna's

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