Sunday, March 21, 2004

Let's Talk: Letters on Iraq war

This week, as we reached the Iraq invasion's one-year anniversary, we received many letters on aspects of the war.

New leader misleads Spain

The people of Spain have been dealt a disservice by their new leader, who will not stand up to the terrorists, by saying that he will pull their troops out of the Mideast. With the terrorist incident in Spain, he should have not only emphatically stated that the troops would remain, but he will double their presence to help root out all those responsible for this heinous crime against his country.

Chester Banks, Springfield Township

Bush must be held accountable

Friday was the first anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. More and more people are dying; peace is nowhere in sight. We are spending billions of dollars that would be better used at home for health care, education, housing and Social Security solvency, etc. - all this because President Bush lied to us and tries to blame it on faulty intelligence. Bush needs to be held accountable for his actions, censured/impeached, and Congress has the responsibility to see that it is done.

Bill Whelan, Florence

Iraq isn't ready for democracy

As a mildly disillusioned Republican who now believes that we may have been misled into the war on Iraq, I would like to propose a solution for extricating ourselves from this mess. I propose that we clean Saddam Hussein up, give him a handsome new uniform, give him his gun to fire into the air, put his statue back up on its pedestal and give him all the money he wants to take back his country. There are no weapons of mass destruction.

As H.L. Mencken once said, "People get the government they deserve," and apparently Saddam was doing as good a job of controlling and leading his nation as could be done, considering what he had to work with. Before our invasion, there were critics from that side of the world that said they are not yet ready for a democracy. I scoffed. Now I see what they meant. Iraq, I am so sorry.

Ronald Hamilton, Clifton

New attack or no, Bush will be right

President Bush is having a great time calling Sen. John Kerry a "flip-flopper" because he's had the courage to admit his mistakes or change his mind over time. I find this vastly better than someone who is so set in his ideological beliefs that he refuses to change his tune despite mountains of evidence that he's wrong.

Let me be the first to predict Bush's big flip-flop the week before the election. If, by that time, we have been spared another terrorist attack, he'll say, "See how my war on terror is working?" If, instead, we suffer another attack, he'll say, "See why you need to stick with me in my war on terror?" He's going to want to have it both ways.

Thomas Bartman, Montgomery

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