Sunday, March 21, 2004

Letters to the editor

Stories on soldiers much appreciated

Howard Wilkinson and The Cincinnati Enquirer are to be commended for the excellent front-page story "Coming home, changed by war/Family stress financial anxiety take toll" (March 14). This update on our soldiers in the war on terrorism is needed and appreciated.

The stories following on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday also are good morale-boosters for all concerned.

This war is about ridding the world of terrorism; our soldiers sacrifice much, as do their families, and some have given the ultimate sacrifice.

God bless our leaders, our soldiers and our allies. God bless America and all who long to breathe free.

The Rev. Richard L. Fisher, Clifton

Give food, clothing to help disabled

On March 28, Greater Cincinnati will again participate in the annual Scouting for Food and Clothing Drive. The sale of these donated goods provides the income needed to offer training and support for men and women with disabilities.

Collection is made at homes only. Pickup cannot be made from apartment or condo communities. All area Kroger stores will have collection barrels available March 28 through April 3. Help support the drive and lend a hand by placing clothing and food near your front door for collection. It's just that easy. We thank the community for its support.

George D. Palmer, Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries

Borgman unfair to Schott, Bush

I'm trying to give up anger for Lent, but recent editorial cartoons by Jim Borgman are testing my resolve.

First was his posthumous smear March 14 of Marge Schott, which sarcastically remembered her only for dog poop, cigarette smoke and cheap vodka. What about her boundless generosity and her unflinching loyalty to this city?

Then March 19 was the cute caricature of President Bush, celebrating the first anniversary of Iraq's liberation all alone. Obviously, Borgman overlooked 25 million free Iraqis with a new constitution and the U.S. military on his invitation list. They would love to celebrate the spread of freedom and democracy with Bush.

Mike Emerine, Springfield Township

Try the government for lying, too

So Martha Stewart may get 10 to 16 months in prison for lying to the government.

Can we take the government to court for lying to us? Maybe during their day in court, they could tell the American people where the weapons of mass destruction are. I'm sure the families of fallen soldiers would love to know that; I'm thinking their lives are worth a heck of a lot more thanStewart's gain from her stock sale.

Arlene Koth, Sharonville

Adult drivers set poor example

Perhaps the kids ("Careless teenage drivers on collision course," March 19) drive recklessly, drink and drive, run red lights and speed because they see their parents and other adults do it every day

David Collar, Batesville, Ind.

Here's one vote for March sanity

I know that lots of folks get excited by March Madness "For local teams, the Madness finally begins" (March 19), the annual college basketball playoffs. I'm writing as one who has absolutely no interest in this process. A few teams win and almost all teams lose. So why should anyone get interested in a loser's tournament? Does anyone ever think of it that way? Oh, well, I know I'm in the minority.

Rodger Crowe, Newtown

Let viewers, listeners be free to decide

In regard to "WEBN facing FCC complaint" (March 17), I am extremely disturbed by the upswing in activity from groups such as Citizens for Community Values, whose apparent goal is to limit free speech in the name of cleaning up the airwaves. I am an adult who chooses to be entertained by Howard Stern on the radio and shows like The Sopranos or 24 on television.

Instead of sitting around taping radio stations' broadcasts and listening for anything that might offend them, I suggest that members of the CCV exercise their right to turn to another station. If a parent doesn't want their child to listen to or watch a particular broadcast, it should be up to that parent to set those limits within their own household.

I find it offensive that groups like this try to push their values on others, as if I were incapable of choosing for myself or my family.

Brad Chambers, Loveland

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