Saturday, March 27, 2004

Stock Market Game

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The Nati Chart Busters expanded their lead in the seventh week of the Stock Market Game, thanks to a quick profit in their latest investment. The Indian Hill High School students bought 4,226 shares of Goodys Family Clothing (GDYS), which soared 25 percent in the last week - adding another $7,300 to the Chart Busters' portfolio.

The Chart Busters' winning investment meant a weekly loss for the leader of the adult division, however. J. Sapitro short-sold shares of the clothing maker. The rising price meant a moderate loss.

Ahead in the middle school division is Lakota Plains' Lone Moneymaker, who sold some shares of Taser International Inc. (TASR), locking in solid profits in the stun-gun maker. Shares of Taser have gained 25 percent since the group invested.

The Stock Market Game, is a Wall Street competition where players pick real companies in which to make simulated investments. The team that makes the most from its starting $100,000 wins.

Amy Higgins

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