Sunday, March 28, 2004

Hot Corner: Nipping at the heels of the newsmakers

Who writes his material?

President Bush's gag writer deserves to get the hook for the appalling slide show shtick at the Radio and Television Correspondent's Association dinner Thursday, in which Bush engaged in a fruitless search for those pesky weapons of mass destruction. You remember the infamous WMDs that Saddam was going to use on us if we didn't do a pre-emptive invasion? The ones that still haven't been found a year after we sent in the troops? Bush's skit for the broadcasters showed him searching under the furniture - no weapons there; and then looking out the window - nope, none there either. The audience got a big laugh, but opponents of the war, not to mention relatives of the soldiers risking their lives in Iraq, didn't find it so funny. "I'm appalled," said Larry Syverson of Richmond, Va., who has one son in Iraq and another who just returned from there. "I think it's in extremely poor taste," he said of the skit. So do we.

The president should remember that even a funny comic is only as good as his material.

Cancel the Klan

Louisville-area Ku Klux Klan spokesman James D. Kennedy thinks his hate group deserves a group hug for bowing to community wishes and offering to call off a planned march on Kentucky Derby day. He says Louisville leaders told him, with all the national media in town that day, it would make the city look bad. No kidding.

Kennedy doesn't agree, but he says the Klan's offer to cancel the march shows "Klan people do not have two heads like a lot of people think," Kennedy said. They may not have two heads, but they wear weird hats associated with some of the most vicious, cowardly and lethal violence ever perpetrated against blacks and other minorities. One canceled march would not convert the Klan into a community civic group.

Hot Corner: Nipping at the heels of the newsmakers
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