Sunday, April 18, 2004

Letters to the editor

Zoo ads simply add to male bashing

I have been a fan and supporter of the Cincinnati Zoo for many years. However, I may have to reconsider my support of it. It seems the zoo is the latest organization to jump on the bandwagon of male bashing. Their radio ads for the spring floral exhibit are almost totally, from beginning to end, nothing but a putdown of men. I have a fairly good sense of humor, but it seems that new national pastime is the disparaging of the male portion of our population.

As a fair-minded woman, I am becoming sick of this treatment of my male counterparts and will start my own boycott of those who think it is fun to put them down. If this were an ad saying bad things about women, there would be many having a fit about the discrimination of females. I say we women should put our money or morals where our mouths are - equality for all.

Debbie Bolen, Price Hill


New council rules restores civility

In response to the editorial "Toning down harsh rhetoric is right step" (April 16), I have to congratulate City Council for finally standing up and refusing to tolerate any more of the disrespectful, hateful words being tossed around in council meetings. The people who spend two minutes screaming expletives at council members have become nothing more than that which they want to erase - bullies and racists.

What message they may have been trying to make is lost, and I simply ignore everything they have to say. If you want to make a statement, feel free to do so, but make it in an intelligent, non-hostile way, or no one is going to listen to you.

Shana Johnson, Green Township


Teens want upward mobility, too

I have found through my work experience as a teenager that there are very few opportunities to make decent wages at this age. Most teens find themselves working for very low wages with absolutely no benefits, mainly because there is no need for a teen to have benefits. With no benefits and lower wages, these are some of the few differences between a part-time teenage employee and a full-time or part-time adult employee. Any type of part-time employee is not necessarily going to obtain benefits, but most adult employees are going to start at higher wages than teens. More experience? Maybe. More reliable? Possibly. But these types of characteristics such as reliability, experience and responsibility are found not only in adults but also in some teens.

Teens should be able to find wages that will increase dramatically over a certain time period in a job, especially since they are receiving no benefits, which automatically saves corporations money. The most important point is that many teens are very successful workers.

Jeff Porter, Evendale


Pitts' liberal leanings are a downer

Leonard Pitts Jr., what's wrong with you?

Here is a Pulitzer Prize winner who, if you listen to him, the world is going to hell in a hat box ("Rush, others need to think more," April 12). What's wrong with people who want to make money and have a positive, uplifting approach? Without even knowing his politics, I would say he is a liberal Democrat - always a downer.

Richard and Sandy Redwine, Maineville


First leave S. Korea, then Germany

There's great news. The United States is going to pull troops out of South Korea, while leaving a small force at the 38th parallel. Since Russia is no longer a threat, our next move should be to pull our troops out of Germany. Since the United States won't be there to bolster their economies, let the German and French governments take care of their own defense.

Edward Lameier, Cheviot


Federal marriage amendment needed

Supporters of a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman have been called bigots. This proposed amendment is identical to the Defense of Marriage Act passed by 427 members of Congress and signed into law by former President Clinton. Are they bigots, too? The ultimate goal of homosexual marriage isn't the relationship of any two people. It is to change national policy to say that gender, especially in raising children, doesn't matter, even though history and research show children do best when raised by a married mother and father. For the sake of our children, a federal amendment protecting traditional marriage is necessary.

Pete Shockey, Taylor Mill

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